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Brumaks are very large apes that were bred by the Locust. Naturally the Brumak grew to be 15 meters tall and weigh up to 15,000 kilograms. They have twin Troika turrets attached to their wrists and a large rocket launcher on their back. They are controlled, like most creatures from the Hollow, by some sort of computer technology implanted into their nervous system, allowing a Locust driver to have full control of the Brumak. Across Sera, Stranded and COG have been reporting Brumaks that are outfitted with energy weapons rather than the iconic rocket launcher.

The Brumak made its first appearance in Gears of War during a cutscene in the fourth act. Many players expressed interest in combat with this colossal foe, so when Epic released Gears of War for the PC they focused the additional chapters on leading up to and including a battle with the Brumak.

The Brumak plays a much larger role in Gears Of War 2. Marcus Fenix fights several of them throughout the game with the help of vehicles, mortars, and Troika machine guns. Eventually, Marcus and Dom take control of a Brumak (trapped in the burning remnants of a building) themselves to wreck havoc on Locust forces. After spending too long in Imulsion, the Brumak eventually turns Lambent. It is dealt with quickly, by Hammer of Dawn strikes, and provides another huge explosion that helps sink Jacinto and flood the Locust tunnels.

In Gears Of War 3 the Brumak appears as a boss in Horde mode, and also appear several times in the main story. When the Hollows were flooded, it is thought that the Brumaks were made extinct. But a few straddlers remained for the Locust to again enslave, breed and turn into walking tanks. The first Brumak appear after Sovereign is sunk by the Lambent Leviathan. One is killed by a Siegebeast, hijacked by the player, and the second is dealt with on foot. Another Brumak is faced when Delta, with Dizzy, drive through an airfield. The Brumak is quickly dealt with, rammed by the truck and decapitated by some razor wire.

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