Not enough fire tributes in the game to buy all upgrades?!

#1 Posted by Strongschwartz (64 posts) -

Hopefully you guys can help me. I was going for the "loyal customer" achievement. I have one upgrade left to buy for 225 but I only have 180. The problem is: I have no opportunities left to gain more fire tributes. All serpents, stunts, legends, hunting missions etc. are done and I'm still missing 45 tributes. The only thing I haven't done is unlocking all concept art but I don't think you get rewards for that. Is it possible that some side missions disappear during game progress and cannot be accesed anymore or hidden missions not marked on the map? I'm just wondering if anybody else encountered that problem or might have an idea to solve this.

#2 Posted by cinemandrew (723 posts) -

follow around a group of ironheade dudes and kill some enemies with them. You'll earn fire tributes doing that.

#3 Posted by Monoxide (95 posts) -

If you see your troops fighting another faction try helping them out, sometimes it gives you 15 fire tributes.

#4 Posted by Heartagram (1284 posts) -

see above posts

#5 Posted by Strongschwartz (64 posts) -

You are brütally awesome. Thanks a bunch.

#6 Posted by Z3RO37 (3 posts) -

Thank you! This thread just saved me a ton of stress. I was missing only 15 fire tributes, so I just had to go help my buddies one time.

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