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a good game

this is one of the best games i played this year till borderlands.a great multiplayer real time strategy game.the story is great ,funny for the first part but is not near the end as much.the graphics are good,i like the art style metal all the way.the only part the got to me was that you can not jump in  the open world.overall good game
Posted by RiddleBrother

Did Randy Pitchford write this?

Posted by jpe

Me too dude! When I played Borderlands last week I thought THIS IS THE GREATEST GAME EV...... Oh... wait... ... nevermind.

Posted by KimFidler

Definitely one of the best games I've played in my life till Diablo III.

Posted by guthwulf

That's quite the review you got there.

Posted by takua108
@RiddleBrother: This made apple juice go through my nose, thanks.
Posted by RiddleBrother
@takua108 said:
" @RiddleBrother: This made apple juice go through my nose, thanks. "
Posted by OutOfBounds9000

Thats a quite bad review there,buddy.
Posted by cmckinla

This review is rated EC for Early Childhood.

Posted by EndlessMike


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