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Brutal Legend Review

Tim Schafer has an incredible resume of games. Two of my favorite games of all time (Psychonauts and Grim Fandango) were creations of Schafer's unique ability to create humor in games, and satisfying gameplay. Brutal Legend seemed like it would continue Schafer's winning record. Sadly, it does not come close.
In Brutal Legend, you play as Eddie Riggs, a roadie for a "heavy metal" band, who is killed during a freak on-stage accident. Blood spills onto Eddie's belt buckle and he is transported into a world where heavy metal rules. Using an axe, and his Flying V to shock enemies, Eddie joins Lars, Lita and Ophelia for the fight for humanities freedom against the

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    “Brütal Legend” is a really difficult game for me to review, on one hand I love all the characters, the setting and the humor. Yes this is actually one of the very few games that are legitimately funny, which is not something I experience very often. Games that try to be funny often try to hard or else the humor is pretty stupid and not funny at all like “Death Spank”. But “Brutal Legend” just gets it right on that account. The dialogue is well written and delivered by a talented cast consisting...

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    Brutal Legend 0

     It's a bit unfortunate, because Brutal Legend could have been a really awesome game, but thanks to its reliance on strategy gameplay that no one was really asking for, it's merely a pretty good one. I haven't really played Tim Schafer's older games, but from looking at them and having played Psychonauts, it's pretty clear his strength is in creating unique and interesting settings to go with good stories, and that's the best part of Legend, too. Jack Black plays Eddie Riggs, a roadie w...

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