sebbe_dk's Brütal Legend (PlayStation 3) review

Brutal legend (Heavy metal + RTS.........why not?)

Have you ever played a game that where two genres’ at the same time? Brutal legend does that. It starts of as a hack’n’slash-game but then evolves into a RTS (and remember “It’s a RTS made for a consol so it’s not like Halo wars”) and it’s combined with an openworld.
(Well) in Brutal legend you play as Eddie Riggs who’s the best roadie in the world (at least that’s what people say in the game) but all the bands he wants to be roadie for played in(not the 70’s but……) the early 70’s .
Some of the things they do very good is: 1) They let you choose whenever you want them to say all the “nasty stuff” (like “Fuck/F***) but of 'cause it’s a joke (You fucking/f***ing choose them to say the “nasty stuff” the first time you play the game) 2) The RTS-part works (except for that if you and 20 enemies/allies fight on the same place then the frames per second fall so much that it looks like the game is going into some kind of slow-motion) 3)They really have a nice (and I mean a VERY SUPER NICE…) “setlist”.
The game showed me some really cool metal-songs and showed me the way of metal.
The openworld works in almost every way except that there’s some REALLY big holes that when you fall down you die (and that’s a bit annoying) but the good thing is that you have a LOT to do when you’ve completed the game but it gets boring after a while.
As you may have guessed I really like Brutal legend but (of cause) it has some problems but its biggest problem is it’s so (motherfucking/mother***ing mega hyper freaking) short that you'll   scream. Without the sidequests it would take 6-8 hours to complete. The story is so short that you don’t get time to know the Brutal legend- universe unless you take” some” of sidequests. If they would make an add-on pack or two to make the story longer it would be so much better.
Some controller-lack is also a part of the game and the game also has some funny button-combinations(as: the X-button is attack.) The boss-fights are the RTS-parts of the game where you fly (yeah you fly) around and calling out commands to your troops and they have to hear you (seriously ain't that nice but it makes the game a little more challenging).
I (also) think that the ending wasn't really good and that might be because I don't like to open endings and this is a totally open ending. A real shame is that the game has a lot of humor in the beginning but quickly switches over to a very serious story and that's good at some points but also bad at some other points.
Brutal Legend is really enjoyable but don't buy it if that's the only game you'll have for the rest of the month it's just too short(and believe me I know)
The game is REALLY easy so if you're good at RTS-games you should probably play it on the Hard difficulty.  

I hope that the next review is about Persona 4 but until long.    


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