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Like a porcupine... 0

It's been a long and strange trip to get here, but Brutal Legend, a game about a heavy metal fantasy world created by the master of underappreciated games, Tim Schafer, is here.  Between its subject matter, its inherent humor, and the man behind the scenes, there is an overwhelming desire to want this game to be something special, to succeed above everything else and there are certainly some things Brutal Legend does well; the problem instead seems to be that Brutal Legend tries to be EVERYTHING...

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The Game that Rocked 0

 Brutal Legend is an odd game, it attempts to combine a number of different gameplay mechanics and to a certain degree it is a success.  In Brutal Legend you play the role of Eddie Riggs, a roadie for a lacklustre nu metal band who is transported back in time to a world ruled by heavy metal!The game game begins as a simple adventure game, you control Eddie from a slightly elivated third person view and can slash enemies with your axe.  The fighting is combo based and moves can be earned purchase...

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Finished with my woman 'cause she couldn't help me with my mind 0

Thankfully the overused song in the title does not exist in Brutal Legend. Double Fine delivered this heavy metal inspired action game in 2009. It might not be fair to categorize it as just an action game since there are lots of elements from RTS, racing and even brawler games. Eddie Riggs is our main protagonist who is voiced by and roughly modelled on Jack Black. Eddie is a roadie who gets involved with ancient Norse-like heavy metal mythology and hooks up with Ophelia, who is the story's love...

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Dishonesty May Be the Best Policy 0

 People who've seen Brütal Legend in ads or are interested by the heavy metal aesthetic of the game may find themselves confused and perhaps alienated by what it actually is. The thing about Brütal Legend that's most likely to alienate players is the bait-and-switch that occurs as you're playing the game. The game starts out as an action-adventure game that admittedly feels rough around the edges, but what happens is that slowly but surely the game turns into something most players don't expect;...

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