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In Brutal: Paws of Fury, you play as one of ten anthropomorphic fighters in a quest to achieve fighting glory as they face off against the Dali Llama. Every four years, fighters are invited to compete in the Brutal Island Tournament. After facing the other fighters, the winner will then face the Dali Llama in a Brutal battle to the end. The game was fairly unique at the time, as players had to earn special moves instead of being able to use them right off the bat

Summary from the Manual

Every four years the Dali Llama travels the world in search of the greatest warriors. He judges not only on martial art prowess but how far they truly possess the "Warrior Spirit"- inviting them all to his peaceful island where they compete to see who is worthy to wear the belt of heaven.


  • Kung Fu Bunny - Relaxed Paw Kung Fu
  • Prince Leon of Kenya - Tan Ku (The Iron Rage)
  • Rhei Rat - Thai Boxing
  • Tai Cheetah - Tai Chi Chuan
  • Kendo Coyote - Kenjutsu
  • Foxy Roxy - Penjat Silat
  • Ivan the Bear - Soviet Military Style Fighting
  • Panthra - Cultist Style Fighting
  • Karate Croc - Bar Brawler
  • Dalai Llama - Current Title Holder, General Badass

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