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Bullet Point Review: Brute Force (Xbox)

What I liked:

Control - As your group of four goes from planet to planet and battle to battle, you can take control of any of them whenever you want. Very handy.

What I didn't like:

Length - Because each mission was pretty much the same, with only the background (marginally) changing, the game was about 4 or 5 missions too long.

A.I. - Don't get me wrong, the A.I. wasn't too bad, but there was certainly more than one instance where I had to go and take control of my fellow teammates and get them around obstacles, or through doorways that, for whatever reason, they wouldn't go through.

Stereotypes - The crew-cut wearing, kill anything that moves attitude, space marine? Check. Bad ass, big boobed synthetic? Check. Big green deep thinking alien? Check. Another big boobed female that acts as the grounding for this ragtag space faring group? Check. This game comes with all the typical stuff you'd expect when you're faced with fighting aliens.

Front end - The menus, the text, the color blue, and even the multiplayer pre-lobby totally ripped off the look of Halo. Most likely because they were both produced by Microsoft Games Studios. Still there's no need for them to look the same.

Saving - Halfway through a long mission and wanna save to go and feed your dog? Sorry. You can't save your progress mid-mission. Very sloppy.

Summary - So I didn't really list all that much that was positive about Brute Force. It's not because it's a bad game, it's just more of a game that's just there. Not overly good, not overly bad. Just there. If you play it, you won't be disappointed, and if you don't play it, you're not missing much.

Overall I give Brute Force (Xbox) an average score of 3 out of 5.


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