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A screenshot from gameplay
A screenshot from gameplay

BS Excitebike Bun Bun Mario Stadium was the a game released in four downloadable versions on the Satellaview download service. The game is also known as Mario Excitebike. It was released for the Satellaview in 1996 only in Japan, and is the obscure sequel to the NES game Excitebike. Each version added a number of new characters, eventually adding up to six characters in all. The game plays similarly to Excitebike on the NES, although it does have a couple differences. One difference is the fact that the player can pick up coins along the racetrack (which do nothing besides adding to the score). The only other change was an added SUPER mode, which gave the player infinite boost.


  • BS Excitebike Bun Bun Mario Stadium 1 - Mario, Toad, and Luigi
  • BS Excitebike Bun Bun Mario Stadium 2 - Mario, Toad, Luigi, and Wario
  • BS Excitebike Bun Bun Mario Stadium 3 - Mario, Toad, Luigi, Wario, and Princess Peach
  • BS Excitebike Bun Bun Mario Stadium 4 - Mario, Toad, Wario, Princess Peach, and Yoshi

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