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BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2 is a five track special edition of the original F-Zero. The game was originally planned as a full sequel to the SNES game F-Zero, but devlopment was stopped, the game was pared down and the smaller game was released in its new form.

Ultimately, the game was downloadable through Nintendo's Japanese Satellaview St. Giga service. The game's title even incorporates the delivery system into the game's title, BS stands for broadcast satellite service. The new downloadble racing game featured two modes, a Grand Prix and a Practice Mode.

The game also included the following five new tracks:

  1. Mute City 4
  2. Big Blue 2
  3. Sand Storm 1
  4. Silence 2
  5. Sand Storm 2

The game also included several vehcles only seen in this F-Zero game. It is supposed that the drivers of these vehicle are probably Captain Falcon, Pico, Samurai Goroh, and Dr. Stewart.


According to Nintendo Power, the game was under consideration for an North American release via Game Pak

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