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Simple, cute, but yet challenging to play!

Bubble Bobble Plus! is a not really a bad game for 600 (or 800 points).  200 levels of bubble shooting, eliminating enemies, and picking up the items that are dropped come to a very well balanced game.  You can get 100 more levels by purchasing the extra downloadable content.  Add it all together, and you get a $10 (or $12 I guess) game with 300 action packed, old-school style action!  This updated version of Bubble Bobble is certainly not a dud.  I was one of the people who were hesitant on getting Bubble Bobble because of the “cute” factor.  If you work around the “cute” factor, then you’ll realize you got a pretty challenging and quality game on your hands! 

I really wish that the music would vary in this game as you advance to a certain level, but you play your own music to the game if all else fails!!
  The online support is limited, because you can only see your score compared to others around the world.  It would have been nice to play against or with friends online in this game.  It would be really cool if there was a level editor where you can make your own stages and place the enemies where you want them to be, but this game does not have that sadly.

For a modest price of 600 or 800 points (depends where you live) and compared to the other games on WiiWare, it's definitely one of the better games on WiiWare!  The add on content can be purchased at any time, so that is a great way to save your points if you need to.  You don't have to get the hard stages right away anyway!  With the simple controls, great amount of gameplay, and old-school charm, Bubble Bobble Plus! gets a 4 stars out of 5.
Posted by ElCapitan

I think Wii points are worth 100 x their dollar amount, so I think you mean $6 or $8, not $10 or $12, but I might be wrong.

Posted by Tireyo

Just an estimate! :)

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