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Familiar characters from the series

Bucky O'Hare for the arcades was developed separately from the game released for the Nintendo Entertainment System, and for this reason it played much differently. The game was developed using the voice actors, writers and animators from the cartoon series. 
The cartoon series was cancelled shortly after the game was released. The game however helped wrap up the story line from the series, allowing fans to have closure. For this reason the game is extremely popular with fans of the Bucky O'Hare franchise. 


Gameplay is similar to other Konami Beat'em Ups

The Toad Empire has invaded the Aniverse, and have set out to conquer the many planets within it. Bucky O'Hare and his crew are forced to take charge to defeat the Toad armies, the Toad Leader, and a computer called the KOMPLEX. The KOMPLEX holds something called the Interplanetary Life Force, and releasing this lifeforce is the only way of saving the Aniverse. 

One of the bosses 

The version of Bucky O'Hare released for the Nintendo Entertainment System was a 2D platformer, but the arcade version was a beat'em up. The gameplay was similar to other Konami beat'em ups such as the Simpsons Arcade or X-Men Arcade. The player progresses through the storyline and locations familiar to the show, while punching, kicking, and blasting their way through. 

One of the vehicular levels

The gameplay does diverge from the beat'em up genre with the occassional vehicular level. The player is able to play as four separtate characters, but the gameplay always remains the same. The characters are all the stars from the series such as Bucky O'Hare, Blinky, Deadeye Duck and Jenny.

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