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Bud first appeared in Megaman Star Force as the "hitman" for his friend, Luna Platz. With Zach, they form the duo that follows Luna everywhere and also doing her bidding. However, his relationship to Luna came to a screeching halt when he was beaten by Geo with a single punch (coming from Omega-Xis and the Transer). He was told to straighten-up or else his Brother-Band with Luna will be cut.

Falling into despair, he met up with Taurus, an F-Mian who would grant him power so that he could remain with Luna, as long as he opened up his heart to let Tarurus in. Together, they formed into Tarurus Fire, the first boss that Megaman would soon face.

News spread around in Echo Ridge that things in the color red are being destroyed. Then, when Luna and Zach are in a truck which was for capturing the evildoer, Bud turned to Taurus Fire, took control of the truck and took Luna and Zach into the Truck's Wave World. Fortunately, he was stopped by Megaman.

Soon after the end of Taurus Fire and other F-Mians that came after, Bud soon turned Megaman into his idol. He was then shocked to find that Megaman was actually Geo Stelar, the kid that his friends were constantly taunting, tailing and harassing. However, when he realized that Geo would be off to fight the FM King, he wanted to become brothers and pals with Geo.

In Mega Man Star Force 3, Bud once again becomes Taurus Fire after being hit with a noise card and must be taken down by Megaman.

Bud as Taurus Fire

Personality: Though looking tough and loud-mouthed on the exterior, Bud is kind of soft and lonely. It is evident that Luna and Zach are his life support, and he can't do without them. He could also get dim-witted, as he isn't as smart as his pals. He is not an overly decent student, as shown when he copied Zach's homework during a portion in the game.

Note: Bud's last name, Bison, is a reference to him being aligned to Taurus Fire, and also that he LOOKS like a bison/bull (hair and body).
Bud as Taurus Fire

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