Bullet Bill sometimes have an arm and other times a mouth?

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<p>Bullet Bill has seemingly been canonized, no pun intended, with arms. Yet during super Mario World he has a big grinning mouth. My theory is that the NES sprites of Bill were so low res that different people saw the big white splotch on his side differently. Thoughts?</p>

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No. There are versions that have arms and versions that have mouths. Sometimes they have both.

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@itwongo said:

Bullet Bills have arms.

Banzai Bills have mouths.

I didn't know there was a difference! Thanks.

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Wow never knew.

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Bonzai Bills, which are the larger variant of bullet bills, always have a mouth and never have arms

Bullet Bills sometimes have a mouth but no arms, have arms but no mouth, or have both arms and a mouth.

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@itwongo said:

Bullet Bills have arms.

Banzai Bills have mouths.

Never heard the term "Banzai Bill".

Well clearly you didn't read the "Friends & Foes" section of the official Nintendo players guide for Super Mario World entitled "Mario Mania."

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