Bullet Candy Perfect for FREE

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Copied from official site -  http://www.charliesgames.com/wordpress/?p=612

Today marks exactly 5 years since Bullet Candy was released! So to celebrate, i was going to celebrate to give away free copies, but i can’t due to various silly clauses in distribution agreements. Plus there’s no Linux version.

What i can do, is give away free copies of Bullet Candy Perfect, which is better, and has a Linux version, as well as Mac and Windows!

I’m running the offer for the next 24hrs (ish), so make sure your email has got to me by 6pm GMT on Monday the 23rd May 2011. Thems the rules.

My email address is: charlie@charliesgames.com

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I'm still a bit wary. Anybody want to confirm if this is legitimate?

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I emailed him and still haven't gotten word. How long did it take for your free copy?

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