Bulletstorm Didn't Make Any Money, Epic Likes it Anyway

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I just want Painkiller. Bring back Painkiller
If the developers would be wise, they would.

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I hope they make a sequel. I'm a bit surprised this game didn't sell a bit more. It was pretty damn awesome.

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@jeffb01 said:
After playing the demo and hearing about the juvenile humor, I didn't have much interest in it... but, I heard good review after good review, so when EA was having a sale ($40 for a bunch of their games within 4 weeks of release),  I picked it up and LOVED it. The demo didn't do this game justice - and I think  this is a problem with a lot of games. One of my favorite things about this game was the cool weapons. The demo just had the standard assault rifle and the kind of interesting leash (which I didn't really get so much in the level) - if that demo had the gun that shot grenades chained together, the charged shot of the shotgun, or the sniper rifle that you control the bullet in the air, etc, I think their game would of possibly done better.
Actually, the demo does have the chain-grenade gun and charged shotgun. Not the sniper rifle, though.
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I bought Bulletstorm JUST for the gears beta, that was at, but I found a gem in this title. I love the immature humor, and a game that revels in what it is rather then trying to be something it's not. It's not an epic story, it's not a morale teaching method, it's not a "tour de force" of forward technology, it's a shooter..a shooter pure and simple, nothing more nothing less. The amusement value from blowing my enemies to chunks and using the enviroment in fun ways made the game for me, and I still play it to relax to this day. Good on you Epic, and keep up the good work imo.

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Just finished up my first playthrough. Bulletstorm is a lot of fun. If only there was a functional and more motivating combo chain system in place. The whole skillshot stuff is a tad bit too rigid to really be fun. Other than that, the game's a marvel. Great controls. Good Pacing. Genuinely funny writting. Kick-ass weapons. And damn - I love that FPS kick. Every FPS game need to have kicks from now on.

Damn shame they didn't make more money on it. Hopefully they'll try again. I hope People Can Fly gets another chance at making a big budget game. Doesn't necessarily have to be Bulletstorm 2, albeit I wouldn't mind to let them tug at my dickskin again. There's still more juice in Bonestorm for sure. Erm... Bulletstorm.

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Aw, I liked Bulletstorm. Apparently everyone didn't realize the entire game was basically a satire of the shooter genre.

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