Bulletstorm - Steam Daily Deal 3/31-4/1 $5.00

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#51 Posted by HarlechQuinn (455 posts) -

Unfortunately the German "Low Violence Version" is not even worth the 5 €... But the game itself seems to be fun, oh well...

#52 Posted by andriv (270 posts) -

not available in my region (iceland) how does a region lock on the internet make sense?

#53 Posted by DeF (5216 posts) -

@me3639 said:

Been waiting for some of those shooters i missed to go on sale. Bought it as soon as i saw it for $5. Waiting for Singularity and Metro 2033 to hit that point.

Metro was even cheaper a) last summer during the summer sale and b) last xmas during the holiday sale!

so it's a safe bet that next time there's a big sale of stuff, it will be that cheap again. (but wasn't it like $5-ish one or two weeks ago on one of the other digital platforms anyway? you should check the deal roundoup on shacknews each weekend and rockpapershotgun/savvygamer do one as well!)

#54 Posted by Chubbaluphigous (610 posts) -

For those that just bought the game, you may want to download Bulletstorm INI Editor

The INI files for the game are encrypted to keep people from cheating in the MP, and they keep a number of options hidden in the INI files that shouldn't be. The game has a default FOV of 85 and Mouse Smoothing is set to on by default. The only way to fix that is to go into the INI files. There are also options to change the FPS limits and so on.

For me the game was unplayable at first, and now it runs great.

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