disagree with most people on here it seems

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I have read soooo many  things bad about this game. The story supposely sucks. The writing supposedly sucks. But in all honesty i think its great. 
I truly think the game is funny. Not in the way of "dick is a funny word" but in the way of "i cant believe people would think talking like this is funny" which i think is what they wanted. 
2nd, i love the story. Its not amazing or anything but its a sweet departure from all the other shooters out right now. Also just playing the game is fun as hell. I could not finish call of duty campaigns but i didnt want to put my controller down witht his one. Trying to get all the skillshots and killing the dudes with as much flare as possible is awesome.
anyone else like this game a lot?

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I love this game it felt refreshing playing and I would say it is one of my  favourite games this generation I really can't fault it, as for the story I went in expecting nothing from it but I enjoyed the story a lot especially the back and forth between characters. The little one liners pulling jokes to typical fps standerds etc were nice too, some of the level design was great to one of the later levels and a moment which was pretty damn funny.
Now count into the echos mode and I'll be playing this game for a good while yet.

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Opinions man. People have them you know. 
Frankly I don't really expect anything Epic Games related to have any sort of significant story. The script just come off like a it was written by 7 year old child who just discovered cussing is cool among his friends. However, the gameplay seems fun but for now I don't think a $60 price tag is worth it. I might pick it up later on the road when it's cheaper. 

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I completely loved the skillshot system, but I found the story and the dialogue extremely cheesy. The first few times the dialogue's proposterousness was even funny, but later it lost its charm and felt incredibly stupid to me.

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I thought the story was SUPPOSED to be bad.

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I like it so far. Not heavily invested into thanks to Killzone 3.
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I only played because I wanted to shoot shit. Mindless fun is a good thing.  
The story isn't that good and one playthrough was enough for me.

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@tunaburn:  It seemed to me that the dialogue was like if Juno were really, really filthy
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dont get me wrong. its not shakespeare. but its enjoyable. i havent touched the echoes or online stuff yet. also the gears of war 3 beta is pretty cool. :)
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It's actually one of my favorite games this year....YEAH WHAT?!?
It starts off slow but it hits a point where it becomes pure awesome....I'm with ya!

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I really like it so far, the cussing seems like it is supposed to be over the top which I really enjoyed. I see it as sarcastic.

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It's actually pretty good I think.  Maybe not the plot as such, but the characters are well-written and fully realized, even if there are only a handful of them.  I think that in itself makes the writing better than most games.  I mean it's not Mass Effect or Metal Gear Solid, but the story is not as cringeworthy as most shooters.
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The story starts off pretty terribly. The part where they discover they had been killing innocent people was awful, and that's probably what most people are complaining about.
I hated the story at first and thought about skipping the cutscenes, but it definitely gets better the further into the game you get. Nothing groundbreaking but I still liked it.

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I bought Bulletstorm and Killzone 3 on the same day, and I couldn't put either one of them down. They're the most fun I've had with shooters in a long, long time. 
But as far as Bulletstorm goes, it's over the top because they meant it to be heavily satirical. People think that's horrible, because people often miss the point entirely. Because, let's face it, some people are stupid.

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@tunaburn: i loved it too
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@tunaburn: Yeah it is pretty solid. I agree with you though a lot of hate going on around it and it wasn't that bad, it was just the dialogue. But I guess the solid gameplay made up for it.
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ok so I actually think the community here has responded more positively to this game then  not.  I feel like more people have said "I was ho-hum or not interested in this game and now am" than did the opposite.  In general people who didn't change their minds seem pretty split ( a relatively even grouping of people who said they wouldn't like the game /could care less and still do versus people who were and still are excited about this game).  But in general I'd say the trend has been positive- color me biased if you will.

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I enjoyed it. I found myself NOT wanting to go for Headshots (except on Very Hard when I was just trying to kill anyway I could). And that felt refreshing and different. I'm having issues with the multiplayer. Not being able to match up with anyone and then getting connected to a bad game. Not to mention not having anyone to play with, so it's just 4 random dudes constantly stealing each other's kills. Pretty annoying. 
Anyone else having trouble with the matchmaking?

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The game was made by People Can Fly, not Epic. The same guys who made Painkiller and it really shows imo.
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i have not tried to matchmaking yet. i was hoping to try it tonight if i get a chance. i hope i have better luck than you with it.
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The best answer so far for Anarchy mode is to get 4 friends and four mics. Levels after say, 12 require a level of cooperation that you're just not gonna get from 3 other randoms on XBL/PSN/GFWL.  

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I bought this and killzone 3 at the same time, expected to finish KZ3 first, haven't gone back since started Bulletstorm. 
I think it honestly looks better in some spots than kz3 

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"I will kill your dicks" 
Any story with that line in it, can NOT be taken seriously in any way. 

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@OneManX said:
" "I will kill your dicks"  Any story with that line in it, can NOT be taken seriously in any way.  "
Aww- our first eunich victim on the site.  how sad, this must be a touchy subject for you.
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@Lukeweizer:  I can't connect to other people :/
That might be because my brother used the online pass, since he paid for the game.
and damn, i'm glad he did. I would have missed my new alltime favourite shooter otherwise.
I watched 2 online anarchy macthes, and they looked more boring than i innitially expected. But probably cause it was with 4 newbie strangers. should be cool with friends.
The singleplayer exceeded my expectations though.
The dialogue is great! The constant talking about dicks is kind of wtf, but overall every line just fits in and is funny in some way.
"Did you kill it's babies?"
Trishka's threats and Ishi who constantly 'dies' really cracked me up. The story is fun, characters are fun, unfortunately there isn't that much known about the world. Well, Detailed descriptions wouldn't have fitted in anyway.
Everyone knows the gameplay is great: skillshots, awesome weapons and ofcourse leashing/kicking. Not much to discuss on that matter ;D
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I have not finished the game yet, but I have played to the 3rd act in the story and echo missions, as well as a few matchmaking games. I usually play video games while listening to my iPod unless the story is heavily story driven, or the sound creates an atmosphere or whatever. But I totally have been cracking up the volume and getting way into this game. Some people reallllllly hate the immaturity, but it is almost stress reliving I think. Overall I think this game is a nice change of pace from all the other shooters I have been playing. My only complaint is that I think there needs to be a few more matchmaking modes, something objective based.

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