Favorite weapon?

#1 Posted by overlord_ofthedeadXD (84 posts) -

I've been playing Bulletstorm for a while, and I want to know what the Giant Bomb community's favorite Bulletstorm weapons are. My favorite so far is the Screamer. :)

#2 Posted by mfpantst (2651 posts) -

flail gun all the way.  I like the way it combos with pretty much any other weapon and the sadist bonus. 

#3 Posted by McGhee (6128 posts) -

I haven't played this game at all.  
So I'm just gonna say "Cock Launcher" on the good chance that it's in there somewhere and it is totally awesome.

#4 Posted by AhmadMetallic (19303 posts) -

the one that allows you to scare the dick off your enemies as you fuck their dicktits ? 
Thank you, im not here all week im busy.

#5 Posted by buft (3409 posts) -

i love the flare gun, im not sure thats actually its name but i love setting the dudes on fire with it, though im only in chapter 2 and havent got access to any of the later weapons.

#6 Posted by Tennmuerti (8340 posts) -

Having finished the game my fav is 100% the 4 barreled shotgun.
This baby is a MONSTER.
Most non boss enemies can be 1 shot  at point blank range. (except shotgun wielding dudes)
It is ridiculously easy to use. Slide into enemy and fire. Either you get a extra bonus while sliding or extra for shooting right after you hit the guy. Plus the topless/legless bonus. It's a guaranteed 75 points every kill minimum. Obviously you get more for more elaborate skill shots. But this is excelent in effectiveness and ammo expenditure for single enemies.
The charged fire is NUTS! This bitch simply vaporises everything in front of you and has a long range and a wide spread to boot. Point blank a charged shot from the shotgun will 1 shot a non armored boss! Oh and Acid Rain is one of my favourite skillshots in awesomeness. Lift them up and BOOM, ashes.
Runners up are the sniper rifle bullt guidance gimmic and the drill for me.

#7 Posted by brownsfantb (425 posts) -

The bouncer rocket is pretty sweet. It's tough to use but it's awesome to go into a room and just bounce that thing off the walls and then blow up a pack of dudes.
Also the aftertouch on the charged sniper shot is pretty sweet. And the shotgun is awesome too. Who am I kidding? Every weapon is awesome!

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Revolver was my favorite before I got the game, but I love the shotgun so much too. Plus the drill gun is incredibly satisfying. Hard to say which one's my favorite really.

#9 Posted by JTB123 (1167 posts) -

Spear gun definitely, the pistol being a close second. But kicking that spear through guys chests is too awesome :)

#10 Posted by Bloodgraiv3 (2729 posts) -

The pistol or the Boneduster. 
#11 Posted by Gilsham (302 posts) -

boneduster and the speargun are my gotos

#12 Posted by ShockD (2486 posts) -

Automatic rifle + charge. Finished almost the whole game with it.

#13 Posted by Lukeweizer (3065 posts) -


#14 Edited by Sanious (799 posts) -

The Revolver, if only for the charge shot. I honestly never get bored with making dudes flying across the room with it. All the guns are pretty fucking fun though. I shot one of the big dudes in the butt with the drill gun... I can only imagine the pain. 
Not a gun, but god damn the 'thump ' is fucking great. If I had unlimited amount of those I would use it the whole game.

#15 Posted by DenJ (48 posts) -

Boneduster and Flail Gun!!!

#16 Posted by GreatestEver99 (9 posts) -

The flail gun is great overall.  But the revolver is by far my personal favorite cause it's powerful and I can shoot it up assholes and who doesnt like doing that.
#17 Posted by Scotto (1264 posts) -

Finished the entire game with the sniper rifle, flail gun, and assault rifle. 
Flail gun is great for taking out groups of enemies, and the charged shot is great for mowing down the minibosses quickly.  Sniper rifle was great for taking out pain-in-the-ass distant targets, like the guys who shoot those slow moving firework things - never even really used the charged shot.  Assault rifle was just good as a general use weapon., and the charged shot was great for sections where there would be a line of guys charging at you. 
The Bouncer was too big of a pain to aim.  The Boneduster was only useful at close range.  And the harpoon gun thing essentially served the same purpose as the assault rifle's charged shot.
- Scott

#18 Posted by Underachiever007 (2471 posts) -

Flail gun.

#19 Posted by TheHT (12352 posts) -

I actually liked the sniper rifle the most. You tell me I can control my bullets and I'm gonna use it on every fucker I can.
That explosive ball laucher's charge shot is pretty great on the minibosses. Just let it bounce up and down on their ass. Later on though I found myself only using the rifle and shotgun charge blasts to  clear out everything infront of me.

#20 Posted by keyhunter (3209 posts) -

The flail gun has the best secondary fire. French revolution is probably the highest scoring group killshot in the game. Homie missile is great too. And even if you fuck it up you'll still get gang bang and grenade gag/sadist. 
Though recently I've begun seeing the scoring ability of the spear gun. It's rare that you can line them up, but if you can, wingman is a really high scoring skillshot if you can get more than 2 dudes with it at a time. 
Other than those and the PMC's charge shot, everything else kinda sucks, and scores super low in comparison.

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@Underachiever007 said:
Flail gun.

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