I thought my score of 6000+ was pretty good... until...

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So i thought my score of 6,000 and some change was pretty good after just a couple of runs through the demo... until i looked at the scoreboards...

Seems the people at the top are getting insane scores of well over 20,000...

With only 40 odd enemies to shoot in the entire demo, people must be averaging 500 points per kill !!!

With that in mind i can only think there is something i am not quite grasping about how the skill-shot system works. There just doesn't seem to be enough opportunities to get those sort of scores. Repeated use of the same skill shot (as expected) gives you an increasingly lowering reward... and even getting new (i mean previously unused skill-shots on a particular run through) very often only nets 250 points.

What sort of scores are you guys getting? And if you can score BIG how are you doing it, what are your tips? Any chance someone can throw up a video of a big score run through? 

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Welcome to my life playing Counter Strike

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I got about 5,000. i don't even know how anything around 20,000 is possible. 

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i'm averaging anywhere from 6-8k. i'm still boggled at how people are scoring 20k i guess i've got some work to do.

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@DarkTravesty said:
" i'm averaging anywhere from 6-8k. i'm still boggled at how people are scoring 20k i guess i've got some work to do. "

With a top 3 star score being (i think) around the 8,500 mark, i'd assume that would be what the game dev's thought would be a decent score....

I hope this isn't going to be one of those score attack type games where all the leaders just fluked some glitch where something like an enemy gets caught on some environment and jiggles up some crazy 15,000 point kill

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I did wonder if the par time for the course offered big rewards, so i bum rushed my way through it and finished about 30 seconds under the time... i got a poxy 300 odd point bonus... so that didn't seem particularly economical when i could get more score by taking my time to get a couple more decent skill-shots in for more points

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Maybe there's some kind of glitch. Or maybe they are super fast and can chain every enemy into a long-ass combo? Is that possible?

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@DefAde:  Here's a guy getting 14K.
Something he didn't do that I find pretty effective is shooting the Screamer (pistol) alt fire at a group of enemies and killing them while they are on fire, you get a bonus and a separate bonus for killing I think three like that quick enough, it really adds up.
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I ended up popping a guy in the nuts and watching him double over was like, the funniest goddamn thing ever.

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My high score is 10500. It took a couple of tries to get that one.

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I think Voodoo doll is the key in getting those numbers.

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I completed Cliffy's goal of +10,000 so I'm happy.

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My best is about 11 000 and I average at about 9000. 
My advice is be fast, use all the weapon fire modes, kill big groups of people and use the beer in the bit after you run by the swinging electric lines.

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I barely broke 9000 after an hour of testing various kills. The actual key is to find as many unique kills as possible since the first time you get each, per run, the more higher the score payoff. Also always be running on flat ground and sliding down slopes.
I find the pistol's alt fire to work excellently and net a lot of points if you wear down the guy's health before using it. And when you do, wait for them to circle around you then fire it at the ground. Blind fire kills.

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There must be a bunch of hidden surprises most of us don't even know about. Which is all the more reason this game is gonna kick ass.

#16 Posted by Claude (16630 posts) -

This video again.

#17 Posted by jNerd (2184 posts) -

I didn't even realize the demo was out!!! Thanks for reminding me duders!

#18 Posted by Cypher (103 posts) -
@MrKlorox said:
  I find the pistol's alt fire to work excellently and net a lot of points if you wear down the guy's health before using it. And when you do, wait for them to circle around you then fire it at the ground. Blind fire kills. "
Quoted for emphasis. Firing the screamer's alt-fire into a group of guys, and killing many of them quickly earns you a nice pile of points. That cluster of guys that spawn in the elevator, for example, can earn you several thousand points alone. Throw a firework into them, and then use the leash's thumper attack (hold LB), and you'll get, on each of them, a flyswatter shot, afterburner, and you should get a few firefighter shots.
#19 Posted by Rattle618 (1504 posts) -

This is really great, people are already going nuts over this game and the demo is like a few minutes long.  
It goes to show retarded adds cant kill a good game, I knew it would be awesome :)

#20 Posted by gamefreak9 (2877 posts) -

... i never heard of BS but shit that demo looked AWESOME. 

#21 Posted by Napalm (9230 posts) -

My original high score was 9,890, and that was after I watched the video posted in this thread, and I just completed a run through of 10,445. It was mainly because I wrapped a few guys up with the Flailgun before I bounced them near the elevator and that gave me some extra points.  
EDIT: Actually, my new high score is 11,300, even after fucking up a few times. 
There are a couple of key points that are key to getting a high score. First off, save using the bounce and the Flailgun charge shot until you get to the elevator. There are at least three waves you can use these two abilities together on that will net you awesome damage because they will be first time kills, plus the multiple skillshots you'll get from using the elevator. Also, after you fall through the trap door, right before you go into the next room, there will be a bottle of alcohol on the chair. Use that, and then slide (double tap run), to where all of the guys are running, bounce them all and then use the charge shot from the Screamer or Peacemaker. This will kill everybody instantly and will net you awesome damage. 
In the next room, (where you have to kick the drawer out of the way), I always kick the first two guys into the electricity and rebar and bounce the guys in the back to get more flyswatter skillshots and knock a couple heads off for the headshot skillshot. Also, when you see a couple of the green freaks running towards you before the next area, use the Peacemaker charge shot on both of them when they are close together. Hitting more than one with this skillshot will net you the x-ray skillshot. And of course, the last wave of guys in the next area (the last wave of three or four green freaks), I always bounce and hit them with the charge shot from any of the weapons to get multiple kills. 
I've played through this demo at least fifteen or twenty times already and it keeps getting better.

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Dude those guys over at People can fly are pretty damn smart, making this whole meta game with the speed and score, the leaderboards, all coupled with a game that is really really good judging by the first impression I got.. 
I can see this being a pretty big competition among friends
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@EpicSteve said:

" I got about 5,000. i don't even know how anything around 20,000 is possible.  "

People with no social life. Kinda like that Guitar Hero South Park episode.  
Correction: I meant the WoW episode. 
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10,000 for me... 
EFFF getting anymore than that!

#25 Posted by Lukeweizer (3105 posts) -
@DefAde: The people with 20k is the game's QA team. Cliffy posted a picture of it.
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High score is 13.5K with plenty of room for improvement.
The right elevator room strategy + holding down LT when it tells you to look at the falling elevator is an easy 3-5K.  Finishing with 1.5 minutes left is another easy 2K
Edit: saving screamer alt-fire for areas where you can easily get flyswatter after setting everyone on fire is always a good idea.

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So alls I can add to this is make sure you get multiple skill shots on the same guys- you can sometimes get both bonuses plus a sadist bonus.  For example, kicking a guy off a ledge that you have previously flailed and exploding the flail after the slow mo part lets him go.  You get vertigo+sadist.  Also I've found when you have  large groups and high ceilings, using the leashes thing that throws them up into the air first and then shooting people with your different weapons and charged shots helps.
Edit:  also get drunk.

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Im currently highest on my xbox live friends list with just short of 16k (and i know i could've done a lot better) downloading on psn now so i can top both boards :D

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 Here's a video of a guy getting 20,000

#30 Posted by The_Laughing_Man (13807 posts) -

It is because some people are able to get past the end of the normal demon. 

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My top score is 12,355, but that was after playing it through no less than a dozen times.

#32 Posted by Horsepuckishness (50 posts) -

Im ranked 1,181 on the XBL leaderboards :D. Score is: 17,560!
Probably 20 or so demo plays. Loving this game!

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Love that video.  Southland Tales has a pretty funny modern version of it, but the original is where it's at.
#34 Posted by Chokobo (1247 posts) -
@The_Laughing_Man: If you watch the original video of that glitch, you'll notice that at the end of the "2nd echo" that it only shows (and counts) his score for that second half.

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