Platinum/S rank silliness

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Note I don't particularly care about this, just found it to be humorous. I recently got the platinum this game, the 2nd giant bomb PS3 user to do so. However, since there's all of one poor sap who bought the DLC (or not, who knows) I still only have an A Rank. Much as DLC is useless, for a poor selling game like this it's a fairly ridiculous situation to be in. Oh noes I wasn't quite stupid enough to buy the DLC, here lies my utterly egregious punishment.

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dude the only reason anyone bought this was for the gears 3 beta. you're a little late to the party.

wait this is on PS3 too? wtf

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Bulletstorm is very good, maybe not quite as good as Painkiller but relatively close. Also it's really cheap. See:

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