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A Murdery Good Time

Dicktits, kill your dick, scared my dick off, get murdery, Waggleton P. Tallylicker. These are some of phrases one would have the pleasure of hearing should they decide to play Bulletstorm.  Out of context they sound awful, grabbing random crass  terms and interchangeably throwing them together. But honestly it makes sense in a Bulletstormy sort of way, seriously . The concept is simple; kill every screaming psychopath in every way thinkable with your ridiculous arsenal, like a four-barreled shotgun kind of ridiculous. It's a formula that has seemed to be forgotten in the FPS world. Once upon a time the cerebral bore was digging into a Raptor's head in Turok 2. Now everyone knows that the vast majority of the FPS world is reserved for modern realistic military shooters. Frankly it's a much-needed break in the video game world.


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    Disclaimer: This is not a traditional review, it's more of an investigation. If you comment, I'm especially interested in what you think of the prose, since I'm no native speaker.  It might not be apparent why Bulletstorm is fun and not just another repetitive, uninspired simulator of power fantasies. Well, it's still about projecting your ego into movable objects until they explode, but it also has some great craft to it. It's a FPS with fresh weaponry, interesting movement and control options,...

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    I really loved this game, even tough no normal human should. It's bloody, foul and just a mess of profanities over and over again, and I could not stop playing it.  The graphics is nice, tough you kinda get bored of the "everything is destroyed"-look after a while. Yes, everything is destroyed, or dirty.  Sound is awesome, there are lots of dicks in this game and if you take it for what it is, a parody, then it works.  Controls are tight with a keyboard and mouse and the gameplay is really fun. ...

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