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Bringing Duke's Boot Back

The gist of Bulletstorm's plot is revenge.  Nothing else to it really so do not come here looking for an engrossing story.  Instead, come here to play. 
Bulletstorm's gameplay mechanics are one of the reasons you should give this a go.  The controls feel responsive in this solid title that emphasizes trying different methods for taking down your enemies.  You will go from the simple headshot to the not-as-obvious "thump", kick, "thump", and leash a man's head off.  Does the phrase "not-so-obvious" scare you a little?  Don't worry, as the encyclopedia of skill kills (SK) will give a descriptive hint leading you down the path of points.  It is a rewarding feeling getting a SK for the first time with the large amount of points that ensue for learning something new. 
While that particular mechanism cannot support the game through its entire campaign it will keep you coming back for more.  The actual campaign is the downside since it will become repetitive.  On top of that, the end does push you through moments where using the SK aren't as fun since it lacks a playground feel to it.  Yet, that is the only real complaint I have against the game. 
The rest of the sets are made for the Echoes and Anarchy mode which have you playing in short bursts.  And that is where the game gets its legs.  It is point chasing and kill changing in the non-campaign modes that lasts for a while IF you are competing with friends.  If not, you really need to go into those modes liking leaderboard intensive games.  Everyone else, it can serve as a reason to jump in and play for a little bit and not deal with the story. 
As for the other components that make up a game (graphics, bugs, and the "feel"); this game is beautiful with minor UE hiccups.  There are bugs unfortunately, but none that break or stop the game.  The feel is definitely of old-school shooters such as Duke, Blood, Soldier of Fortune and a handful of others from the '90s. 
You really cannot go wrong with at least trying the demo or renting, and I suggest everyone does that at least.  And if you like the demo at all, the full game is well worth a purchase.


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