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BulletStorm Review

I got the chance to play this game's demo and felt completely overwhelmed by all the stuff that I felt you needed to do, but I decided to give the full game a chance just to see if I would have the same experience. Thankfully I did not have the same experience and I actual got into the game. In the game you will be playing as the character, Gray, a super soldier who goes rogue with the rest of his group. Several years after going rogue he sees the chance to take down the man who sent them on all those missions and decides to basically kamikaze the other's ship. Amazingly enough some people survived, you (of course), the man you want to kill, and a couple of others, but you have crashed on this planet. The planet is in disarray and there are gangs that roam the streets looking for control of all that is there. You'll have to fight your way through them if you want to have a chance at getting back at Saranno, the main who sent you on all the missions that you hate yourself for.

Graphically this game looks pretty good, there's a couple of locales that you'll get to see through the game, and the character design for the different factions definitely give them a unique look, but then to fill the screen with bad guys its all cut and paste. There are a couple graphical hiccups in the cut scenes where certain things don't completely render, but overall the graphics stand up for this fact paced game.

I couldn't tell you one thing about the music in the game, it just didn't stand out. What did stand out was the voice acting, there were quite a few voices in there that left me feeling like I had heard them before. The dialog was above and beyond cheesy, but I think for the most part I was able to forgive the game for it.

The controls for the game definitely took a couple scenes before I really got a handle on them. Once I got the controls down, though, man I had a lot of fun quickly attacking, switching weapons, using the electronic tether, and kicking enemies into highly fatal situations. There was also the sliding mechanic of double tapping 'A' that definitely created some interesting scenarios.

Overall this game, in my opinion, was made to rack up a high score. Its basically a game in which you want to be inventive on how you dispose of your opponent, and the game definitely gives you some environmental help in that area with large cactus, steep drops, foot carts, highly explosive containers, spinning blades, electric-charged cables, and more. Shooting the crap out of your enemy, then pulling them to you with the tether, then kicking them away, shooting them some more, and then watching them impale yourself can definitely have its moments of utter bliss, and also cause lots of points to pile up. Now there is a reason for the points, they will be used to upgrade your weapons, possibly unlock new ones, and reload your ammo reserves. You can also change what three guns you currently have equiped. For me personally I had the machine gun, the sniper rifle, and the shotgun, and I was hell on wheels with that combo. The game does try to get you to use all the weapons so that you can unlock all the special combos that will bring in the big bucks the first time you successfully do the required action, but after a while I kind of just stuck with what felt comfortable. Fighting your way through all those enemies can at times be really enjoyable, and sometimes frustrating because you will have cleared a section of a room or area, and then as you're trying to spot up to take on some enemies on the other side of the room all of a sudden more enemies appear at your back. So make sure you're protected when using the sniper rifle. That reminds me the sniper rifle is a very unique experience not only do you sight your target but you also control the bullet, apparently everyone in the game, minus you, has beyond human reaction time, so you're going to have to steer the bullet into the opponent if you actually want to hit them, otherwise you're going to miss almost every time unless you're trying to take on one of the bigger characters who can take a couple of rounds without falling. I did have one huge glitch happen to me in one of the levels where I somehow got so far ahead of my CPU companions that I couldn't progress any further, so my advice to you is that whenever you're taking an elevator make sure they are with you, if they are not you might have to replay an entire level all over again.

With all the cheesiness and the arcady feeling I still really like the game. Yes it set itself up for a sequel, yes there's probably areas that could be improved, but at the end of the day if you're just looking to blow off steam and destroy enemies Rambo style, with some added flair, this is the game for you. This game gets an 8.3 out of 10.


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