Bully 2 info leaked.

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Little news update. 
vidiot is smiling right now.
From Kotaku:

 Rockstar released sandbox title Bully on the PlayStation 2 back in 2006 and later ported the title to the Xbox 360, Windows and the Nintendo Wii. Set in a school environment, the PS2 version sold 1.5 million copies.

But is it working on another Bully?

Game site TGL is running an excerpt from an interview it conducted with musician Shawn Lee, who scored Bully. When asked if he would be scoring any other games in the future, Lee told the site, "Yes. It looks like I will be doing the soundtrack for Bully 2 in the not so distant future..."

Bully 2? When was this announced by Rockstar? Oh right, it hasn't been.

Isn't it strange how stuff like this gets leaked. Shawn did the music for the previous game (phenomenal job BTW), and to reiterate, this is the first real confirmation that there will be a sequel. Commence speculation!
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Sounds cool to me. The first one was enjoyable.

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If its true then that's good because i really enjoy the first one.
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I really like the concept of Bully, although I never played the original. I'll probably pick up the sequel if it's half decent.

#5 Posted by IrishDevil (41 posts) -

I had fun with the first one,would not mind a 2nd one.
#6 Posted by JJOR64 (19600 posts) -

All I can say is, FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!     I loved the first game and I would easily buy the 2nd one.

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well up for a sequal, beat the first game on ps2 and i'm now in the process of beating it again on 360....gota love those acheivements.

#8 Posted by Synthballs (2222 posts) -

If they change a few things about the first one I'm definitely in.

#9 Posted by dankempster (2616 posts) -

Wow... Sounds very promising. Bully is without doubt one of the best games I've played through this year. A sequel would definitely be welcome.

#10 Posted by Godwind (2925 posts) -

Played it on the Wii.   It was a pretty enjoyable experience.

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Awesomesauce, the first one is one of my favourite PS2 games, can't wait.

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Great news. Bully was a fantastic game, and also had a great soundtrack. Nice to see Shawn Lee returning. I talked to him on MySpace a long time ago when I still had my account there. He's a cool dude.

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man i had the joy of finding this game in a 14.99 bin and playing the living hell outta it. i personally enjoyed it over even GTA 4, so word of a sequel makes me totally happy.

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Here's to hoping this one doesn't come with graphical problems like Scholarship Edition for 360.

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The original Bully is in my top five games of all time, and I hope the second takes place elsewhere and has a different feel than the original did. Might be more interesting that way.
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Really enjoyed bully, wonder what bully 2 will be like.

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Great news.I just hope it comes to PC.

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Bully 2 would be amazing if they get a decent budget and have new ideas to add to what they did in the first one.
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Played the first one on 360 and I liked it, so Ill be keeping an eye on this one.

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YES!!! Officially set to be released in 2013!!! 

#23 Posted by segrick_wright (2 posts) -

i hope its on vita

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As to not let their horsetech go to waste you will play a Bully going to school in the Old West.

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Whoever bumped this should be punched. I thought there was going to be something actually worthwhile.

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@joshthebear: He made an account just to do this, that guy's a dick

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