bully to date

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anyone played bully scholarship edition recently and can confirm most of the issues are fixed?  i've always wanted to give this a go.

#2 Posted by Jadeskye (4392 posts) -

i played it over a year ago and it was fine.

#3 Posted by tr1b3ta (21 posts) -

yeah i picked it up a few months ago for the 360 and played through the whole thing without having any problems.

#4 Posted by elko84 (1258 posts) -

sweet thanks guys

#5 Posted by TheLawnWrangler (1738 posts) -

i'm playing it right now, and it's not freezing up or anything anymore... all is good at bullworth

#6 Posted by vidiot (2891 posts) -

I'm not sure what issues there were, I knew it had a few patches. 

Bully: Scholarship Edition Last played on July 25, 2009
1000/1000 P

38/38 ACH

5391 players

Yes, I enjoyed the game quite a bit.
#7 Posted by spankingaddict (2840 posts) -

I just beat it, loved it, and its seems to be pretty smooth except for the many cliches...

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I enjoyed Bully alot last year and never had any problems on the 360... and never finished it. : (

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