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I agree with Bully, wasn't a big fan of either those two games. They were fine, they just didn't deliver on their ambitions particularly well. Free running in first person was a cute experiment, but a pretty significant failure if you ask me. That was just disorienting. And Prince of Persia was really cool, but did tend to (literally) hold your hand a lot. Also the controls were a little TOO smooth, it gave me the same feeling as playing a sonic level, you were really interacting so much as hitting buttons in rhythm.

But man, Bully was terrific. What a fun story, pretty of ridiculous dialogue that still felt believable, fun combat, silly minigames, and just such a good concept for a game. I'd love to see it expanded, and get sillier too.

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You just listed 3 of my favourite games, I like you. All of them have this unique feel to them and have amazing soundtracks. I still listen to the Mirror's Edge and Bully soundtrack to this day.

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Mirror's Edge soundtrack is badass. I think they should investigate making it a downloadable game and use button-press movement rather than that L1/L2 stuff.

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I hope for a Bully 2 every time I put that game in. I think they'll be a new Red Dead before then though.

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From the sounds of it, Mirror's Edge 2 has been on and off a couple of times, at least. They just can't figure out what to do with it, apparently.

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I like to think "Mirror's Edge 2" is next up on DICE's plate. I have absolutely no reason to believe this, I just do. Mirror's Edge had it's problems (combat and story), but it did a lot of things right. I think it's something everyone wants to return to. As for Prince of Persia, I've been really hopeful for a return to that version (the "Sands of Time" arc is kind of played out for me) of PoP since I finished the Epilogue DLC a couple years ago. However much like "Beyond Good & Evil 2", I think it'll be a couple years before we see it, if ever. Prince of Persia, either version, and Assassin's Creed kind of clash.

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I had just typed out 'I really didn't enjoy Bully all that much,' but then I remembered how awesome it was.

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didn't mirriors edge have easter eggs hinting to a sequel?

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