armaan8014's Bully: Scholarship Edition (PC) review

Great characters and setting make this game a winner.

The Bully is an open world sandbox type game set in a boarding school.
 The story is kind of like all rockstar games' stories. You are a person who'll do anything for money, and who can do a lot. You get pulled in the situations because of the story's amazing characters, consisting of hypocrites, sociopaths, and plain retards.

The scope of the game is amazing. You are not only bound to the school, but can go around an big enough town, on your board, cycle and more. You can even go to a carnival,swim,play games, tag,shop,dress,get property,take part in race, and a LOT more. And even as the year progresses, you'll get to experience Halloween, christmas etc..(the snow makes a great environment for snowball fights!)

Your character has some attitude problems, who doesn't care about anyone or anything, but people seem to like him a lot because of his efficiency, and its fun to play as him. Its amazing to see how the school slowly starts coming in your control, as the story develops.

Trust me, this is a superb game and you'll love to play it, especially with the story and the characters. 


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    love this game . its good you have to option to do quests or just chill at school or at town and just beat up kids and throw stink bombs.there is just one problem constant glitches i got stuck on my scooter and couldn't get off of it. other than that i love it, i love the graphics and what your able to do like go in the girls dorm. ect. great game give it four stars....

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