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Passing Judgment on... Bunch Of Heroes

From the very moment you fire up NGD Studios’ Bunch Of Heroes it becomes abundantly clear that firstly, this game is meant to be played with a gamepad (with Xbox 360 controller button prompts being offered ahead of key prompts), and secondly that this game is supposed to be played online (with online being offered ahead of offline at the main menu). Even accommodating these factors there is very little to set Bunch Of Heroes apart from other titles in this genre. It isn’t fun in single player, and it isn’t fun in multiplayer – if you can find a game that is, online population ranged from one to six in the times I played the game.

Bunch Of Heroes should only be played with friends, otherwise you’d better get prepared to spend most of your playtime struggling to find games online.

Let’s start with the positives. Bunch Of Heroes has a sharp, colourful art-style that will probably run nicely on even the humblest of setups.

Ok that was fun. There are only 3 campaigns and 3 episodes per campaign included in the game. Each episode lasts between 10 and 15 minutes, so that’s just over 2 hours of gameplay if you play through the entire game in one sitting. It wouldn’t matter so much if the objectives or pickup placements were different each time, but they aren’t. It wouldn’t matter so much if leaderboards were included in the game, so perhaps in future playthroughs of a level you could at least beat your score, but they aren’t included either – even though it does give you a score at the end of each episode.

Maybe then you could earn experience and level up one of the zany characters on offer, from the weedy English stereotype, to the feisty Asian stereotype… But no such luck. In fact there are no meaningful differences between the characters on offer, apart from they each have a different completely ineffectual should-really-be-screen-clearing “ultra attack”. That doesn’t negate the fact that the attack is still ineffectual, but at least you get a different animation. The characters can’t even express their personalities, as for some reason while the developers recorded dialogue for them to say “reloading”, they didn’t record their other dialogue. So instead of Left 4 Dead-style banter in-between firefights, you get a series of text boxes wheeling out tired pop culture references from 2006 at the latest. Anyone for a Heroes reference? How about another “it’s a trap” reference? No? Hey… Where did everybody go?

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