Activision Lawsuit Has Details on Bungie’s Next Game

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#101 Posted by 1337W422102 (1204 posts) -

Sounds Hacktivision enough.

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#102 Posted by EvanFavreau (86 posts) -

Activision is using the dumb-as-hell, never-gonna-happen name of Xbox 720 in a legal contract? So weird.

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#103 Posted by BPRJCTX (767 posts) -

They're probably regretting leaving Microsoft, right about now...

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#104 Posted by ptys (2160 posts) -

So does that shed more light on why Microsoft doesn't do exclusives? It's like Mass Effect, perhaps they published the first one, knowing it would have a continuing story line, then dropped the sequels because they were clever enough to see all original fans would have to continue to play on said system. Maybe I'm reaching a bit, but that's the first thing that came to mind when reading this?..

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#105 Posted by DrSwank (508 posts) -

@Kyle said:

@drewmaw said:

Codename Destiny, i.e...

Actual title: Smhalo

Starring: Smaster Chief

Slogan...Finish the smite.

Well done Bungie, well done.

And you're reading that from the codename "Destiny?" So, are you psychic, or are you just operating under the world's most invented logic?

Haha, clearly I was being serious... ;)

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#106 Posted by blacklab (1971 posts) -

I soiled me britches a bit when I read Marathon reboot

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#107 Posted by bingbangboom (112 posts) -

@skelington_ said:

@bingbangboom said:

I think this gives us a better idea that a new "Xbox" console won't be coming till at least 2014. This game is scheduled to debut on the Xbox 360 in 2013. It could be a year where there maybe a overlap with a new console coming out but one would think Bungie would want to work and concentrate on the new hardware.

This is pretty much what i was thinking. Perhaps it's worth bearing in mind that the contract dates back to April 2010, so there's a possibility things have shifted around since then (as Klepek stated), but it basically sets up a vague "2014" release window for new consoles in my mind, which near enough aligns to the whole 10-year console lifespan philosophy touted a few years ago.

This paragraph sticks in my mind:

"Per the agreement, Destiny would be an Xbox 360 exclusive released in fall 2013, with a sequels arriving on new hardware platforms from Microsoft, Sony, and a version on PC. It specified four games, with sequels coming every other year."

Could the next-gen 'sequel' to the 360 exclusive be a launch-window game? If Bungie's next project is that big a deal to Sony et al., could we theoretically see a new console being released in 2015 rather than the year before? Hypotheticals, of course, and that does seem rather extreme, so alternatively, is it perceivable that Bungie could move their goalposts capitalize on the arrival of a new hardware platform(s)?

It could also be possible that the 360 game will be a different sort of game that sets up this new universe. Especially if the new game does have MMO like features. MMOs have changed radically since the consoles were first launched, with many going Free to Play. I could see Bungie/Activision wanting to act on this and charge $60 for the game but have a ton of added items and such that would be optional but developing a game around DLC.

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