Bungie: A Look Back

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Bungie put out a sort of documentary video today, detailing their past, and hinting at their future. Now, I don't know if you know this, but I fucking love Halo, so I figured I would share it with you guys here. It's pretty long (55 mins), but it's a great nostalgia trip for big fans of the studio along with offering some development insight, and a nice history lesson for those less familiar. For being the creators of a game series that a lot of people view as some sort of monolith, it's cool seeing the humble beginnings and the heart that goes into each title.   

I definitely liked ODST getting some love, because I feel like it's often overlooked, while I, personally, think its campaign is second only to the original. And with the impact Combat Evolved carries as the first, that's hardly a fair fight.
Given that the video, in honesty, is essentially an hour long masturbation session, the fact that I not only tolerated the whole thing, but enjoyed it, goes to show how much influence this one studio has over the way I see games. There is no doubt that I'm excited for anything they do, but I would like to know your thoughts as well. How do you feel about Bungie, Halo, and their impact? Are you looking froward to what happens next, or would you rather write them off for one reason or another? Discuss!
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I haven't really liked anything Bungie has done since Marathon, but I'll check it out later.

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Bungie is pretty awesome.

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Oh yeah, also, Nathan Fillion.
Thought I would throw that out there.

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