Didn't See That Coming: Bungie Signs 10-Year Activision Deal

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HALO MMO for PC lolz.
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702 comments.. that's a lot of banana mouth.

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10 year contract that will probably only last 6 months

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This can only end badly. 

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WTF??? I thought Bungie was seeking independence not co-dependence! Why would the company that made HALO be doing deals like this with the corporate morons at Activision. IW made the best selling entertainment property of ALL TIME, just to be treated like crap and then fired... Bungie didn't see any red flags there? Another factor in this situation... Look at the sales of FF13 on the Xbox! They're terrible! No one wants to play Final Fantasy on the Xbox... The same goes for Halo... Would you really want to play Halo on a PS3? I don't. It's not prejudice... I love my PS3 and my Xbox equally... It's just.... Games like Final Fantasy and Halo define the experience to be had on each consule... Soon there will be no exclusivity and Xbox and PS3 might as well be the same consule.
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I am going totally bananas in the comments right here.
Just kidding. This is a really weird turn of events. Guess time will tell what it really means, though.

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