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Yeah the new trailer is live! 

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Yeah the new trailer is live! 

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Its okay, I guess, but its still way too simplified.

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@Marz said:
" Video is already on the main news page. "
This is the extended cut, although the OP doesn't make that clear.
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Halo Reach actually looks like a good game, and fun experience online. It seems to enrich the whole online experience, I don't feel like I'm looking at some run-of-the-mill shooter with aliens when I look at Halo: Reach. I feel like I'm looking at a fun game.
Jetpacks online that actually work as a game mechanic. This, my friends, is an achievement.
EDIT: And that guy kinda looks like Tom Hanks, doesn't he?

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I tried winning a beta code but I failed just got to wait till' Monday! boooooo!

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