Steve Jobs Got A Little Angry About Microsoft's Bungie Acquisition

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#51 Posted by Woodroez (348 posts) -
@Aaron_G said:
"Did no one find this funny? "

People are crazy. 
Also, Ryan was right in that one podcast a couple months ago. Dude's got a messed up looking head.
#52 Posted by LetterT (35 posts) -

I would assume Jobs gets mad at anything in life he doesn't have direct control over.

#53 Posted by RsistncE (4499 posts) -
@gla55jAw said:
" Jobs is a bitch. "
#54 Posted by Jamer91 (147 posts) -

wow :O very interesting story

#55 Posted by Ramone (3071 posts) -

No news is, in my opinion, better than old and irrelevant news.

#56 Posted by illmatic19 (971 posts) -

Why were they that scared of Jobs?

#57 Posted by Puck (51 posts) -

Microsoft bought Bungie for 30 million dollars and every Halo games since #2 has set sales records on release - it's a billion dollar franchise.    The only acquisition that even comes close to that is EA buying Maxis right before the Sims got big.
Oh, and Steve Jobs, while a legendary tech visionary, also happens to be a bit of a douche bag.

#58 Posted by Lobster_Ear (303 posts) -

That jaw-line is impeccable

#59 Posted by gizmo88 (115 posts) -
@august:  For a pretty basic reason. Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.
#60 Posted by BraveToaster (12636 posts) -


#61 Posted by zitosilva (1880 posts) -

Well, it was news to me.

#62 Posted by Deadboy (30 posts) -

Jobs is a hypocrite.

#63 Posted by TripMasterMunky (2523 posts) -
@Jonny7892 said:
" No news is, in my opinion, better than old and irrelevant news. "
Truth. So much news clutter on Giant Bomb now.
#64 Posted by TheGremp (2082 posts) -

Someone was a little peeved about a decade ago...  This is news now? 
I am so confused.

#65 Posted by patrick (579 posts) -
@TheGremp said:
" Someone was a little peeved about a decade ago...  This is news now?  I am so confused. "
2nd paragraph is key.
#66 Posted by Radar (914 posts) -

Non-news stories! A company undercuts direct competitor B company, of course CEO of B company was pissed.

#67 Posted by buft (3409 posts) -

i cant imagine caring if i made my biggest rival angry, if i was Steve Ballmer i would imagine my reply to be something along the lines of "cool story bro, KTHNXBAI"

#68 Posted by Danterion (165 posts) -

This is what you're passing off as news today?

#69 Posted by RiotBananas (3822 posts) -
@Danterion said:
" This is what you're passing off as news today? "
#70 Posted by Danterion (165 posts) -
@RiotBananas said:
" @Danterion said:
" This is what you're passing off as news today? "
You know what? I'm being harsh. This is still pretty weak, but it happens.
#71 Posted by notsonic (272 posts) -

id rather hear more weird industry insider type news than that the graphics on level 3 for the next cod were tightened up or someshit.

#72 Edited by Shadow (5108 posts) -

That was disappointing.  I was expecting at least a picture of Jobs' face all messed up from anger.  That one just looks like he spotted a fat lady wearing small, very tight clothes

#73 Posted by The_Traviz (32 posts) -

Steve Jobs got angry about Microsoft a few years ago. 
The Giant Bomb community gets angry at Giant Bomb right now. 
Why can't we all just be friends?

#74 Posted by afrofools (1390 posts) -

Ballmer probably did call Kotick, but to arrange DLC exclusivity.

#75 Edited by MrKlorox (11142 posts) -

Uh... you might call your ex girlfriend's new fling in a bout of rage just after she leaves you for him... that's maybe a little normalish. But calling her NEXT boyfriend after she leaves the other one many years later is pretty deep into stalker territory.
Looks like Jobs should be looking into grabbing up GSC Gameworld.

#76 Posted by lightsoda (553 posts) -

This explains the whole Sony situation, over compensation, man.

#77 Posted by hfm (96 posts) -
@blacklabeldomm said:
" @TadThuggish said:
" @SSully said:

" @TadThuggish said:

" @SSully said:
" Cool stuff, not.  "
Oh buuuuuurn!  SSully told you with his quick, sharp wit he got on the playground!/where he watched the movie "Borat" at the age of 7!  Yeah, you feel owned Brad Nicholson?  What now? "
I am not talking about Brad Nicholson, i am talking about Stevie boy. He is a immature business man, and this article, although old news, emphasizes that.   Maybe you need to chill out a bit? "
Oh, holy fucking shit!  The "chill pill" trump card!  Oh...oh OH, retard can't prove he's not retarded, tells everyone making fun of him to "chillax a bit bro".  Man, everyone who knows that it's "an immature" not "a immature" and everyone who is older than 8 enough to not use a "NAWHHT" joke are on the ropes now! "
I'm starting to hate this community now too...  As for the article, we could do without Brad... "
Let me email Fries and tell him to calm you lot down about the whole thing...
#78 Posted by ShoddyGo (36 posts) -

gee I didn't realise I was on kotaku

#79 Posted by Swoxx (3015 posts) -'re all (read: angry dudes) fucking insane :-[]

#80 Posted by GeedAwesome (32 posts) -

Steve Jobs. Pfft. He'd be nothing if he didn't have Steve Wozniak at the beginning. Does anyone take more credit for doing less than nothing than Jobs?

#81 Edited by Piranesi (467 posts) -

You just need to open your wallet Steve ... money talks (whereas you just talk bull).
#82 Posted by rick9109 (180 posts) -

Thug Life Lives On

#83 Posted by TrashMustache (555 posts) -

so wait that dude's name is fries?  what is this article even about?
#84 Posted by Legend (2695 posts) -

Slow week, huh?

#85 Posted by TheJuda (33 posts) -

wow...sure are a lot of dickheads in the comments.  Slow week hur hur hur old news hur hur hur.  If you're gonna be an idiot in the comments, at least try to be somewhat original.

#86 Posted by Innovacious (257 posts) -

"Steve Jobs Was Not  Angry About Microsoft's Bungie Acquisition" would have been news. It was pretty obvious from the moment it happened that the people at Apple would not have been happy. Hell, im STILL angry about it, and i dont even have a Mac!
Yours Sincerly
Ravenous PC Fanboy

#87 Posted by Hourai (2738 posts) -


#88 Posted by mewarmo990 (845 posts) -

Cool. I guess I'd be mad too, after Marathon.

#89 Posted by PaleEye (28 posts) -

This is an awesome story! 

#90 Posted by Stratto83 (24 posts) -

Well always open for trying new things I stories - so what do I do with this information now that I know it a few years later............... suggestions?  

#91 Posted by Will1Lucky (412 posts) -

Thats right, a couple of games.
#92 Posted by TheGremp (2082 posts) -
@patrick said:
" @TheGremp said:
" Someone was a little peeved about a decade ago...  This is news now?  I am so confused. "
2nd paragraph is key. "
Oh, I get it now. 
Some dude said that some other dude was a little peeved in a recent interview. 
Thanks for clearing that up, this is totally news.
#93 Posted by ratzombie (171 posts) -
@TheGremp: Well, I found it interesting, and I'm sure others will as well. You have to keep in mind that this is Giant Bomb, not the New York Times. The news that is posted here does not need to be hard-hitting news.
#94 Posted by Skydude252 (36 posts) -

I think I would be pretty bitter too.  Losing Halo to arch-rivals microsoft had to be a big blow.

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