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First Appearance

Unknown to many, Burger Shot was first featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Since fast food restaurants were not a big in-game mechanic until Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, most people overlook this. This particular Burger Shot can be found in the North Point Mall, in Vice Point.
Burger Shot's first appearance.

Burger Shot T-Shirt

As part of Rockstar's way of promoting Grand Theft Auto IV, they handed out limited Burger Shot T-Shirts to certain members of the press. Now, the shirts are available at the Rockstar Warehouse.

Bleedin' tasty

The role of Fast Food in San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas introduced many new features. One of them was the ability to work on your physique. You could go the gym to work on your abs, boxing skill and stamina. The reason there were gyms in the various cities in San Andreas was the presence of many fast food restaurants like Cluckin' Bell and of course Burger Shot.
CJ living large

If you were low on health in the game you could replenish this shortcoming by going into a restaurant for a quick meal. The downside of this was that if you ate to much you became too fat. If you were too fat you couldn't run as fast and climb fences as fast as a skinny CJ. The game even warned you of dying from a heart attack, although it has pretty much been confirmed by fans that you couldn't actually suffer from a heart attack.

Also a nice feature was the ability to choose between different meals. Meaing that if you only needed a small health replenishment you could choose a small meal or even a meal with vegetables, for those players who kept a keen eye on the carbs.

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