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Burgh is the third gym leader in the Pokemon Black and White games, specializing in Bug-type Pokemon. He is an artist from Nacrene City who now lives in Castelia City, occasionally visiting Lenora and the city for information. Players first encounter him when Bianca has her Munna stolen by Team Plasma and he decides to help out. Afterwards, players can challenge him in the Castelia City Gym and are rewarded with the Insect Badge upon defeating him. He also rewards the player with TM76 (Struggle Bug).

He reappears near the end of the game with the other gym leaders to help in the fight against the Seven sages in N's Castle.

Burgh's Pokemon

Whirlipede (Bug/Poison) (Male) Level 21: Screech, Pursuit, Poison Tail, Struggle Bug

Dwebble (Bug/Rock) (Male) Level 21: Sand-Attack, Faint Attack, Smackdown, Struggle Bug

Leavanny (Bug/Grass) (Male) Level 23: Protect, String Shot, Razor Leaf, Struggle Bug

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