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National Pokedex No. # 412 
Species: Bagworm Pokemon 
Type: Bug 
Ability: Shed Skin 
Height: 0'08" 
Weight: 7.5 lbs 

It changes its cloak depending on the last place it battled, in the wild is always a Plant Cloak. It will change to a Plant Cloak if it battled in tall grass or outside, it will change to a Sand Cloak if it battled on a cave, beach or faced a Pokemon from a Honey tree and it will change to a Trash Cloak if it battled in a building. The different cloaks don't have any particular effect but it will be permanent when a female Burmy evolves. 
It usually hangs from trees, wearing a cloak to protect itself from the cold, it will be thinner if the weather gets hotter.  
It can be found mostly in forested areas, particularly trees and honey trees. It can also be found in rocky areas and urban areas.

Evolutionary Line 

Burmy evolves starting at level 20 to a Wormadam if its a female or a Mothim if its a male. 

Pokedex Entry 

  • Diamond: To shelter itself form cold, wintry winds, it covers itself with a cloak made of twigs and leaves. 
  • Pearl: If its cloak is broken in battle, it quickly remakes the cloak with materials nearby. 
  • Platinum: Even if its born where there are no cocooning materials, it somehow always ends up with a cloak. 
  • HeartGold/SoulSilver: It cover itself with a cloak to shelter from the cold. When it's hot, its cloak is thinner.

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