Wet When Slippery

#1 Posted by YoungFrey (1363 posts) -

Since Vinny moved the mouse off the image, I was able to get a clean grab of the Wet When Slippery disk. I then scaled and rotated it. Man, it is so crappy looking. It's like somebody hand drew two different 3.5"s. Poorly. I guess this might be considered NSFW so the image is hidden.

#2 Posted by edgeCrusher (385 posts) -

@YoungFrey: I'd be more impressed if some dude actually found the original source for that image.

Anyway, I totally thought this was the game with Tia Carrere in it, but I guess not. I turns out I had confused this game with Deadalus Encounter, probably since they had opposing full page feature articles in EGM back in the day, in the "interactive multi media" section, where the CD-i, 3DO, and Jaguar dwelled.

You guys should do Deadalus Encounter next.

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