Buuuuurrrrrning Roooooad!

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Anyone else fondly remember this little slice of plagiarism? The number of cars on the track in Burning Road might have been a lot smaller than Daytona's, but I thought this was an awesome alternative for the PS1. Hell, I'll take Burning Road over the initial Daytona USA Saturn release any day of the week. It's awesome just how arcade-like Toka wanted to make this game and it's a shame that we were deprived of its "sequel" in the US. Hunting down PAL and NTSC-J copies in the wild isn't the easiest thing to do when you're stuck in the US and all.

Powersliding in Fox
Powersliding in Fox
Something I realized while typing up this entry was that I've never actually switched the music from the US Remix back to the Classic. Been playing it for ~12 years now and just realized that. Crazy.

Did anyone else find the Nitro car to just be balatantly overpowered, too? Maybe if the acceleration was knocked down a notch or if the handling was swapped with the Fox's then it'd be a bit more fair, but as it is, it's the ultimate car in the game (especially with only the monster truck outweighing it).

Super Slippery Sliding Fun
Super Slippery Sliding Fun
My buddy and I used to have fun exploiting the AI in the Expert course and we'd find ways to get as many AI cars as possible involved in a crash with us. It all started when I accidentally crashed two AI cars at once and we were eventually able to reliably get every damn car on the track in one giant collision. Pretty awesome stuff; makes me wish I had more time to dig for bugs and loopholes now a days.
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this thread is why i love giantbomb.

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