razr95's Burnout 2: Point of Impact (GameCube) review

Fascinating gameplay

Game-play The gameplay is good there's allot of races and the AI is challenging. The crash mode is the best part of the game you get to choose a car and crash to traffic to get more points. Altough this game is available for other platform but this version on the game cube is pretty dissapointing compared to the xbox version because on the xbox version the controls and the graphics are better. But this game is still good if you have a game cube this is the racing game to get. i think if you've never tried the burnout series maybe you should rent it first because the burnout series has like invented cars they dont have like lamborghini's and that stuff they have cars that looks like honda's and ford ect... If you have a game cube and a xbox i think you should get it for the xbox version.

Graphics The graphics aren't the best like i've said if you want the best graphics the xbox version is the best for the graphics.

Sound I think the sound is good for all platform the music is good and the cars sound pretty realistic.

This game is solid and good for everyone.

I reccomend this game its good and fun but maybe you should rent it first to see if you like that style of racing game.

4 stars out of 5


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