Best Burnout Game?

#1 Posted by Sedarati (52 posts) -

Such a perfect game I never got that 100% though I got to 99% anyone else?

#2 Posted by Lozz (311 posts) -

I agree but I never got to 100%, I think it was that damn F1 race which took like half an hour, or one of the crash events.

#3 Posted by skjeggen (35 posts) -

yeah a totally awesome game. Still havent completed it yet though. Got one gold left >.> freaking F1 race in Asia i think. Damned near impossible.

#4 Posted by HandsomeDead (11863 posts) -

Same. That F1 race in Asia is a real killer. In general though, I do believe that Burnout 3 is the pinnacle of the series.

#5 Posted by x3ar (236 posts) -

yep burnout 3 is deffinetly my favorite mainly cause it still has a good crash mode.

#6 Posted by x3ar (236 posts) -

yep burnout 3 is deffinetly my favorite mainly cause it still has a good crash mode.

#7 Posted by CB (116 posts) -

It's still my favourite out of all the burnouts.

#8 Posted by Mago (134 posts) -

I would attest that Burnout 3 is my favorite as well, but then again I don't have a lot of experience with the series even though I am a huge fan.  I've actually only played the original Burnout, which is far different from the beast it is today, and Burnout 3, so I don't actually have contributive my opinion can be in this discussion.

#9 Posted by solidphoenix (286 posts) -

Burnout Revenge would be my favourite ONLY because of the memories and good times I've had playing with my friends. I will admit that Traffic Checking was a questionable addition to the game, but there's no denying that it did change up the formula of Burnout, and helped to introduce new players to the series.

#10 Posted by hazzard4123 (196 posts) -

 my profile has 484 hours on it, thats from October 2004 to Present Day
Paradise was good, but just not enough to beat the king

#11 Posted by Shawn (3825 posts) -

It's between Revenge and Takedown, too close to make the call.

#12 Posted by MattyFTM (14442 posts) -

Takedown is the only home console burnout game I've never played. I wanted it, but I couldn't afford it when it was new, and by the time I could get it revenge was nearly out so I just bought it.

#13 Posted by Hexogen (766 posts) -

For me it's between Takedown and Paradise. It's really close though, so I'm going to cop out and say it's a tie.

#14 Posted by suneku (2997 posts) -

Takedown was actually my first Burnout so I absolutely love it.

#15 Posted by raven_squad (438 posts) -

Definitely Takedown. By a mile.

#16 Posted by Vaxadrin (2297 posts) -

I would go with Revenge simply because it's basically Takedown in HD (with traffic checking, I know).  I was not happy with pretty much any of the changes made in Paradise.

#17 Posted by Snail (8676 posts) -

Takedown and Paradise. I prefered Pradise... but Takedown was really good also.

#18 Posted by Drebin_893 (2943 posts) -

Paradise! But Takedown 3 was great.

#19 Posted by Godzilla_Sushi (1085 posts) -

I think Revenge was a better game...the tracks in that are still the best in the series. But Takedown is great for a real challenge. The hardest one if you ask me.

Until Paradise gets a restart button, well, it's definitely the best dust collector in the series.

#20 Posted by Varjaur (12 posts) -

I totally loved Takedown, annoying DJ and all. The supposedly grittier revamp with Revenge with the female tutorial voice was just so contrived.

#21 Posted by Apex (40 posts) -

Point of Impact is by far the best, Takedown marked the fall of the Burnout series for me. I guess I'm alone with that opinion?

#22 Edited by ZimpanX (420 posts) -

Indeed, this games provides the ultimate Burnout experience. Would definitely not mind a HD remake.

#23 Posted by CoolDrMoney (1978 posts) -

Burnout 3 is so damn good, definitely my favorite Burnout. 

#24 Posted by HazBazz (1901 posts) -

By far the best Burnout game

#25 Posted by roushimsx (485 posts) -

I'm torn between Burnout 2 and 3. Both are excellent games in their own right, but the way the soundtrack dynamically distorts based on your speed in the second game just does wonders for sucking me in. The advanced crash mechanics of the third game are pretty darn awesome though and whenever I go between either game, I always feel like I'm missing something. I consider both games absolute must owns for fans of arcade racing games, with the one weak link being the rubber band AI (which never really bothered me TOO much in either game).

A few months ago I picked up Burnout Dominator, hearing that it was like a different evolution of Burnout 2 than Burnout 3 was, but I've yet to play it. Looking forward to having the time to sit down and spend a few days with it whenever I can get away from work.

#26 Posted by daniel_beck_90 (3159 posts) -

Burnout : Need for speed under cover        lol

I love need for speed franchise more than burnout
#27 Posted by Doogie2K (216 posts) -

I don't care much for Paradise, whereas I logged hundreds of hours in this one.  I think I only got to 93% or 94%, though; just didn't have the patience for the last few races, though I did beat the Crash Mode completely (all gold, all headlines).

#28 Posted by Vivek (517 posts) -

This was the best and is the best burnout produced period

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