Anyone have this yet? Share your PSN/GT here.

#1 Posted by RecSpec (5135 posts) -

I seem to be the only one on my friends list with it. So if you want to add people to have more on the Autolog (Just like Hot Pursuit) go ahead and post it here.

I have it for PS3, my PSN is RecSpec.

#2 Posted by MVP1101 (226 posts) -

I am in the same boat as you, so feel free to add me aswell PSN: MVP1101

#3 Posted by tuxstein (9 posts) -

me too! PSN is tuxstein

#4 Posted by FreakAche (3035 posts) -

Sorry to hijack this thread, but is this game good? I played the demo and thought it seemed fun, but it seemed like the type of thing that would get old fast if they didn't include a lot of content.

#5 Edited by tuxstein (9 posts) -

@FreakAche: It's alright. There are only three different modes so it does get repetitive but I am having fun with it. It's a good game to play in 10-20 minute chunks.

#6 Edited by pnevares (98 posts) -

Repetitive for sure, but I enjoy the challenges. I'll add you guys up top, I'm KingDarius on XBL.

Edit: Reading comprehension engage, everyone who posted was on PSN. :( Anyone who wants to match up on XBL add me please.

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