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No racing? No problem. 1

Let's get this out of the way, this is not a proper follow-up to the Burnout series. If you come into Burnout CRASH! expecting a racing game, turn around and leave now. Hell, if you expect it to be exactly like the crash mode in the older Burnout games, you will be disappointed as well. This is a brand new take on that game mode. Does that mean this top-down game is bad? Not by a long shot.The object of Crash is to cause the most damaging wreck, measured in dollar amount. Crash will start you dr...

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Burnout returns to what it does best: crashing cars for sport 2

Interesting fact about Burnout: Crash: it originally started off as a Wii game. Take a look at any screenshot and that becomes apparent, it's low-fidelity cartoon visuals being a far cry from the gritty realism the series has been moving toward. Instead, it's traded all that in for character. For novelty. Though Burnout has always been a series full of character, never has the series achieved so much of it as it has with Crash. This is a game set in the land of pure absurdity. This is what Burno...

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A modern retro game 0

I know it has been getting middle of the road reviews but I've been really enjoying Burnout Crash. It reminds me of a retro game. Something that wouldn't have been out of places on the NES or Colecovision. I can almost visualize an Atari 2600 Activision game box for crash. It is more of a pinball game with a built in social element that encourages the player to keep playing until the beat at least some of their friend's. Play it for short periods. It will burn out its welcome quickly if you atte...

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