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Reality Escape 0

It's hardly uncommon for developers to take successful home console franchises and try to convert them to run on their handheld brethren, often with mixed results. If you take a 3D adventure game like Tomb Raider and squeeze it down onto an original Game Boy, where it becomes a black and white 2D scroller, then it's hardly fit to carry the same name. There is of course a worry that taking a game like Burnout, well noted for it's legendary speed, and squeezing it down onto a handheld will result ...

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If your DS had the ability to see what the PSP version of this game looks like, it would probably commit suicide. 0

The PSP version of Burnout Legends that came out earlier in 2005 was a critical hit, providing exciting races and amazing takedowns for a portable console. That version replicates the action of Burnout 3 for consoles pretty well. Now there's a DS version as well, and sadly to say, it is a pile of total garbage. Criterion, the makers of Burnout and the ones responsible for the PSP version, reportedly outsourced the DS version to another studio, and the lazy uninspired port job this resulted in re...

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Burnout Legends PSP Review 0

Burnout Legends has come to the PSP. It's a great game for the PSP, but not superb. As a usual racer you have your car and race, but there is a lot more game modes. There's pursuit where you have a cop car and try to ram the guy you are trying to catch, road rage which is to take out your opponents by ramming them in the time limit or until your car gets damaged so much that it just breaks down, crash mode where you get a car and just totally ruin traffic, and time which is to beat a certain tim...

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Ton of content but a bit boring and repetitive. 0

Burnout Legends is a good game in almost every category you can imagine. Game play wise is a thrilling fast pace combat to the finish line that handles well for the fast paced action. While it has its flaws as nearly every game does it is particularly boring, it gets repetitive very quickly and because of this its review score is affected in a negative way. Why is it so boring? There is a ton of content here 175 events to be exact plus 89 cars to unlock and an assortment of challenges to be ma...

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The Best PSP Racing Game I Have Ever Seen 0

 A year later Burnout 3 was released, Burnout Legends was released for PSP. I have never played Burnout before, but I was comepletely addicted by its excellent gameplay. The modes, tracks, and cars from the previous Burnout games return on a tiny device. What's even more surprising is that the game is pretty well polished. Considering the excessive amount in the UMD. The framerate is quite impressve, even though it drops when things go crazy. The game also has a bit too many loadings but things ...

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Burnout Legends crashes onto the PSP with this faithful port 0

Over the past two years, the Burnout games have quickly become the epitome of what the arcade racing experience is; fast racing and insane crashes. Now that experience is on the PSP with Burnout Legends. Just like Ridge Racer for the PSP, Legends is essentially a best of title that includes a variety of the tracks and vehicles from the first three Burnout titles. The game has the flavor and feel of the Burnout series but that’s not to say there aren’t a few bumps in the road.Burnout Legends is b...

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