Are people still playing this, either offline or online?

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I completed all the races and events ages ago, but recently after putting my current kickass PC together (it's more of a tap bottom lightly with foot PC actually) I went through my old collection and installed the cream of the crop to start playing them at 1920x1080 and max'd settings where possible.
I've played 4 of the challenges on my LAN with my nephew, and have recently discovered how to activate the showtime mode. I can't believe I got to 86% complete before I found this!
Now that EA had a day of giving this away free, or some people might have bought it from the Steam sale when it had a massive discount I wanted to know who was playing it now, and who is going online with it?
I still have some billboards to get and some of the gates to smash, I have 5 cars left to unlock as well, and loads of showtime scores to beat, plus a few Time Road Rules to beat and then that's it game completed. The only thing I haven't really worked it is how to control the car in Showtime events.

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Just bought it for PS3 off PSN. This game is awesome. Having much more fun with this than ForzzzZZzzza 3.

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Behold, thread necromancy! 
Also, I hop on it every once in a while.

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I'm sure there's still some people. Haven't played it in a long time though.

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Yes, still playing it. Mostly just offline, where I am aiming to finish every race. I must admit, I bought this pretty late on though.

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After about 100 hours of play time and getting my Criterion Elite 100% license, I put this game on the shelf, but I'm sure there are still people out there playing this great game.

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I think the number of responses to this thread is a good indication of how popular the game is now. 5 reposonses in a month! I am quite close to 100% completion, now just looking at find a hadful of billboard smashes and Super Jumps plus some of the Road Rules and Showtimes events to finish then there would be nothing left.
It would have been nice to try out some of the online group events, the co-op nature of some of these events is a really fun way of getting people to play together.

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I like to jump online every now and again for a few races on my PS3

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I need a few more smashes on that game...

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I probably should play more of Paradise. I only have a few more billboards to destroy and then I'll have done one of the more difficult tasks in the game. It's just a case of finding them though.

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I'm kind of playing this on the PC. Bought it during the Steam's sale.

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I play it for an hour or so every month or two.  I've already gotten pretty much everything there is though so I just mess around.

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I recently deleted my save so I can start it over again on ps3.  Great game!

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I haven't in a month or so, but yeah I picked it up cheap from steam, awesome game!

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not me... its fun and SMASHING but its a driving game.. gets boring after 1 week

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I bought this on sale from Steam, but only played a few hours online with friends. I really need to go back and play it.

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It's nice to see that this game still attracts people to the forum, 3 months after I started this thread it still attracts posts, it just shows how good the game is.

I have completed nearly all of the SP challenges and sometimes play the party mode with some friends. I think it is the most stunning game I have in terms of both graphics and gameplay.

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@TheKeyboardDemon: It really is stunning, I'm amazed at how gorgeous it looks. I've gotten into it more now, playing online with my friends again but having trouble starting anything other than normal races. We couldn't figure out how to start a Road Rage or Stunt event. I've only unlocked about 10 cars so I probably need to get a better license before I do that.
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i played a considerable amount on ps3, but i was just borrowing it and i had to give it back :C

but then i bought it on pc!! and havent played  much of it at all.
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Burnout Paradise is awesome. It was the first game on PS3 that I platinumed back in 2008, and I try to get all the dlc trophies as well whenever they come out. I've sunk many hours into that game. I bought it over PSN instead of retail, so I'm always more inclined to play it for a bit since it's already on my system. But I haven't touched it for quite a while now.

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@abdo:  I'll have a look through the menus on the game. As much as it's a great game it does have some annoying menu controls.
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EA doesn't let me play it online even after I spent over two hours with them on customer support. Assholes.

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@Azteck:  I had some issues with this when I first got the game, partly due to a really bad internet connection and the other was becuase of a firewall that was too strict, which put me off playing online at the time, but at the time online didn't make much sense anyway as everyone else had the better cars from having got further in the online play. Once I had eventually unlocked 60+ cars I started playing online by which time I had a router with UPnP and better internet security software   which no longer presented any issues. I just went online tonight and had a blast playing with 5 other players so it seems people are still playing the game. All I can suggest is that you make sure you have all of the right ports open on your router and if that doesn't work try running the game with your software firewall protection switched off.

 @abdo: In answer to your question about other race modes, I could select race, I could see the arrows to indicate that other options might be available, but I couldn't select any options. For online play I would suggest you play the challenges and involve as many people as you can, it's so much fun.
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@TheKeyboardDemon: Well see, they had a promo thing where you could get it for free in the UK for like one day or so a few months back, but when I try to use my EA Login (which works with BC2, so it's not broken) it tells me my cd key isn't valid. I spent hours with their support asking them to fix it but all they said was that "we've never had such a promotion" even though they could clearly see it as a purchased product in my Download Manager. I just gave up eventually
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@Azteck:  That seems really strange. I remember the promotion myself. I told a friend about it and he tried it on his computer, sadly the computer didn't have the power to run it! so we no longer have the key for it.

This free promotion that EA have no knowledge of was highly publicised and I think it was intended to showcase the work by the Burnout Paradise Team as they were the guys behind Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. I googled it and found this, plus another here, again on this site and I think it was this site that I used to get the game for my friend.

I'm sure that if you were to provide them with 1 or 2 of the links above something might actually jog their memories, and hopefully they will be able to do more to help you, it sort of sounds like they think you might have a pirate copy and are trying to get rid of you when you contact them.
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@TheKeyboardDemon: Wow thank you so much for those links. I switched computers since I "bought" it and couldn't find it, and couldn't for my life think of where it was. That'll probably make it a lot easier for me.
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I also got the PC version via the "selling for £0.00" goof, but I haven't installed the patch for it, largely because it breaks the sound of it. I also have the 360 version, but I don't have Gold, so that's out of the question at the moment.

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@Delusibeta:  When you say 'goof' are you saying the EA messed up and didn't actually intend to give this game away and that loads of websites spotted this and pretty much told everyone about it? If that's what you're saying then that would explain EA's denial of such an offer, though some of the websites make it look like EA wanted to give it away for a while as it is explained as a time limited offer.
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@TheKeyboardDemon said:
" @Delusibeta:  When you say 'goof' are you saying the EA messed up and didn't actually intend to give this game away and that loads of websites spotted this and pretty much told everyone about it? If that's what you're saying then that would explain EA's denial of such an offer, though some of the websites make it look like EA wanted to give it away for a while as it is explained as a time limited offer. "
Precisely. The fact that it seems to be only the UK EA store that was giving the game away suggested to me that it was a mistake. If EA intended to give it away, I'd expect them to have given it away on multiple stores, not just their UK division.
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If anybody wants to play with me my PSN is Hizang, not to far into the game but did buy all car packs.

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I just threw the game in to screw around and was promptly notified that my 101% completion save has been corrupted. Guess I'll have to start over ;)

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