Burnout Paradise Time Savers Pack

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What the hell?  Anyone else kinda miffed at this?  I thought one of the best parts of the game was getting online to show off your elite license cars, but now any new player can start the game with them, or assume you just bought them as well...

What do you think?  And is $5 too much or too little?

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It's brilliant. They did it for Skate 2.
Honestly, I kind of don't get why people don't like it. You don't have to buy it, and this is useful for a hell of alot of people.

#3 Posted by AndrewGaspar (2419 posts) -

This annoys me.

#4 Posted by Sincillian (530 posts) -

Everytime I see it I think of buying cheats. It really just makes me mad. 

#5 Posted by Lieutenant (347 posts) -

I saw this on PSN and completely skimmed over it. I don't know why anyone would buy this, it's essentially a cheat code.

Criterion deserves the money they make off this though. Hopefully this sells like hotcakes.

#6 Posted by TyFighter (12 posts) -

I'm not hopping mad or anything, but I guess to me its sort of like the idea of buying achievement points.  The whole point is they show off how much time and effort you've put into the game... but if anyone could just buy them anyway, it sort of ruins it for the rest of us.

But then, it doesn't give too much detail about the cars it unlocks.  Does it unlock all cars, AND their Burning Route upgrades?  Does it unlock the platinum cars?  Some stuff should remain only available after putting in the time and effort, right...?

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I'm pissed because on the ps3 version I would have to wipe my save ( I complete 99% of the game) in order to get trophies and updates. (not sure If it automatically corrupts the data or if you have to delete it your self)

So the thought of paying to get at least some of what I did back, really is dumb.

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I think it is fine for some people who are willing to pay for it, but it certainly isn't enjoying the game how it is supposed to be played. I wouldn't get it; but people will.

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I only understand at a buisness perspective. If I wanted to make some money off of people who did not care then yes. But i do agree. One of the best things that i did was go online with my platnim cars. I wanted to show off that I was at 102%.

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Personally, I don't really mind. It does seem a little silly basically paying the game to complete itself, however I didn't feel any pressure to get it and I guess it is nice that people have the option if they so wish.

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@TyFighter:  I think NFS: Carbon was the first game I noticed this in. I didn't play it online much though so I didn't really care. But yeah if you are totally into a game you should be able to have some special stuff to show off online. Letting everyone just flat out pay for it is lame.
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It was extremely useful for me, when bought another copy of Burnout Paradise on PSN, in order to get the right English language I desired. I got pretty far with my first playthrough, and once I started over again, I didn't have the desire to slowly make my way again towards a higher license just to get the cars. I wanted to finally do some Freeburn challenges online and I needed the better cars. I suppose if someone wants the cars right away and ignore the licenses, that pack is just about right for them. They still have to beat the game though, so it's up to them.

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