I just picked up this game with the 20 buck EA coupon.

#1 Posted by Gonmog (652 posts) -

It's downloading now, anyone else pick it up? Or be interested in playing a bit in the online modes?

#2 Posted by Sinusoidal (2407 posts) -

I picked up the PS3 version for 14'900 South Korean won ($13.66 American) the other day.

I'm not much for driving games. I hate the one-mistake-and-you-might-as-well-restart gameplay that the vast majority of them have. I figured it was cheap and I could at least bash around the city and cause some accidents for a while.

Well, a couple days later and I realize I've already sunk more time into this one than I ever expected to, and I feel like I've barely gotten started. You will not regret your purchase. Or likely haven't since your post is three weeks old. I imagine the reason you haven't written a followup is because your life has become absorbed in this game just like mine.


#3 Posted by hwy_61 (1034 posts) -

It was free like, 1-2 weeks ago? Anyway, didn't they shut the servers off?

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