I want to start this again.

#1 Posted by Choffy (479 posts) -

I've played the shit out of Burnout Paradise, and I recently upgraded my Xbox to the slim model and lost my save. Now, I want to start again. Is there anyone here that wants to join in some Freeburn and find gates and super jumps soon?

#2 Posted by clubside (35 posts) -

How'd you lose your save? I've upgraded mine three (maybe four) times over the years to larger sizes (already down to 70GB on the 250GB) using the copy cable and never had any issues.
As for the game, if you gave me a day and time I'd love to check it out, I think I was bummed by the lack of traditional crash mode and didn't give the game much of a chance. My only real problem is my environment: working at home, surrounded by gadgets, unless I get an email or set an alarm it always appears I'm logged into Xbox Live but it's doubtful I'm on the TV input. If you're interested hit me with a PM!

#3 Posted by Jasta (2232 posts) -

I actually just bought this game, if you want to play sometime next week send me a PM. 

#4 Posted by Surkov (1017 posts) -

I started Burnout Paradise again as well, but I have the PS3 version. :(

#5 Posted by Choffy (479 posts) -
@clubside: I didn't want to spend an extra $20 on a transfer cable. I had no saves I needed to transfer, so it just wasn't worth it. Just add "choffy21" on Xbox Live.

: You got it. Check out my gamertag above

@Surkov: I have it on the PS3 as well (it's my favorite game of all time). Add me on there too ("choffy21").
#6 Posted by Yanngc33 (4551 posts) -

I remember having trouble playing it because of the speed, I just couldn't keep up

#7 Posted by LunaticJ (70 posts) -

I'll come play, loved that game, not sure where I am in my saves though... :D
Sned me through a PM and i'll see when i'm free...exams and that.

#8 Posted by TheKeyboardDemon (870 posts) -

I got really excited when I saw this but I'm on PC version. Still love the game.

#9 Posted by Hizang (9359 posts) -

I still need to pick this game up...
#10 Posted by ESREVER (2837 posts) -

I 100% this game on Xbox360 (Story mode)

Then I bought it for PSN... I'm really itching to continue from where I left off on it now that I have all my PSN titles ever on my harddrive. Fantastic game! One of the few that I've bought twice.

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