Is the community online still active?

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Hi, I was thinking of getting this game but is the community online still active? Is it easy to find other people? Also, this includes the time it takes for me to actually get a good car. I'm a bit concerned as it came out a while back and so would I be better off getting another game? I was thinking about Saints Row 2 instead.

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It's smaller and more fragmented, thanks to the DLC, but yes.

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From my experience with the game recently, yes, the community is still active, but it's not as easy to find people as it is in a game like, say, Forza Motorsport 3.

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@Tornac:   Are those still playing at the extreme high end of the skill range, and therefore well beyond someone who hasn't played the game in ages? 
#5 Posted by Tornac (152 posts) -
@bluesun:  I'm not master of the racing genre, but I'm decent enough to get by. So for my skill level, I'd didn't have too much trouble. I'd say it's a wide range of skill levels, so don't worry if you've stopped playing and want to jump back in or if your new and want to give the game a try
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I was actually thinking about buying this game too as I loved the demo but didn't have the money to buy it. I just wish there was a feature where more people would play older games.

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