Official GB Burnout Paradise Community Thread

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Fancy a multiplayer session with the people you know and love, well you have come top the right place!

(Post your XBLA/PSN/Steam account and I will add it to the list.)

Giant BombXBLAPSNSteam
Bam_D_LeprechaunBamD Leprechaun
DanyA Lost Hiro
StackboyStackboy Royale
#2 Posted by TopSteer (704 posts) -

I never did play much of the multiplayer so I would definitely be down for this.

PSN: Ichi_Shinigami

#3 Posted by Redbullet685 (6198 posts) -

Yeah sure.

PSN: Rokyracoon68

#4 Posted by Hizang (9359 posts) -

Updated duders.

@TopSteer: The multiplayer is fantastic, I would go as far as saying my favourite multiplayer experiences were in Burnout Paradise

#5 Posted by Bam_D_Leprechaun (820 posts) -

XBL - BamD Leprechaun

I still haven't bought any of the DLC for it, since EA milked the shit out of it, but i might.

#6 Posted by barnodian (13 posts) -

xbla: barodian

#7 Posted by bibamatt (1123 posts) -

PSN - Bibamatt

I play this LOOOAAADS, so you should definitely add me. Been searching for that 'invite a friend into your game' trophy for ages too, so would be good to get that finally!

#8 Posted by Hizang (9359 posts) -

Updated guys, the lis is fleshing out!

#9 Edited by Dany (8018 posts) -

A Lost Hiro on XBL, just set up a beacon and I'll be ready to go!

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#11 Posted by Pink_o_mat (220 posts) -

PSN: pink-o-mat

Still the best racing game on the PS3!

#12 Posted by Hizang (9359 posts) -

I'm online now if anybody is up for some.

#13 Posted by mosespippy (4746 posts) -

PSN: mosespippy

We should set up a game night like the Forza, Gran Turismo, Uncharted, etc ones.

#14 Posted by Hizang (9359 posts) -

So I just had a great time online with Moses, so I agree that more people should be on this list.

That game is AWESOME!

#15 Posted by bibamatt (1123 posts) -

@Hizang: @mosespippy: @Pink_o_mat: @boocreepyfootdoctor: @Redbullet685: Just added all you guys to my PSN Burnout friends list. ake sure you accept my request! LET'S DO THIS.

#16 Posted by Stackboy (616 posts) -

Was playing this the other day. Xbox Gamertag: Stackboy Royale.

#17 Posted by mikey87144 (1997 posts) -

psn: cybershinigami87

#18 Posted by fetchfox (1477 posts) -

I'm not alone in still playing this, yes!

psn: fetchfox

#19 Posted by johndoe03 (4 posts) -


I have been playing BP for months on PC, after EA cancelled PC support I switched to PS3 (and finally got Big Surf Island). So I will play this for quite some time on the new plattform. Looking forward to get new contacts on BP PSN!

add: aightgenoss

#20 Posted by CurtisManCannon (29 posts) -

XBLA: CurtisManCannon

#21 Posted by ericjohnson (64 posts) -

PSN: DudiestJohnson

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